ESPN fires NBA legend for appearing surrounded by internet strippers

The mess ridden by Paul pierce in the United States it is still queuing. The legend of the NBA, considered one of the best players in history and idol of the Boston Celtics, He starred in a very controversial video a few days ago that was leaked on social networks. Specifically, it was a direct from Instagram that could be recorded by some users and then went viral and spread like wildfire.

The images showed Paul Pierce, 43, in an obvious state of intoxicated and surrounded by company girls or strippers in thongs, with very little clothes, doing suggestive dances while he drank while looking at the camera. A video that has unleashed a real scandal in the United States and that has ended up causing the firing of Paul Pierce from ESPN.

Worked at ESPN since 2017

The American sports channel has thrown out the former NBA player days after he himself published that live video in which he was seen with several strippers and drunk. Paul Pierce was one of the NBA analysts for the chain, who directly and without attending half measures has decided to dispense with the services of the former Celtics forward, who also did not respect the security measures due to the coronavirus.

ESPN has thus punished the behavior of Paul Pierce, who had been working on the channel since he retired in 2017, collaborating on the shows ‘The Jump’ and ‘The Countdown’ on a regular basis, being one of their regular commentators. However, the former Celtics player does not seem to have cared too much about the firing or the video and that he has other projects planned. “Important things are coming, stay tuned and make sure you smile,” he began writing on Twitter, adding that “I can’t lose. Even when I lose, I win.

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