EXATLON 5: Did they call Wilmarie Negrón’s attention?

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Already in its final weeks, the fifth season of the Exatlon United States competition program is more exciting than ever, at a stage in which each move of the athletes who continue in the competition could seal their destiny forever and bring them closer to glory. , or take him away from her for good.

Different situations have happened throughout the present installment of Exatlon United States that have left the audience speechless because they have had no precedent in the history of sports reality; from a long list of athletes injured like never before, others expelled and sanctioned for breaking the competition rules, new circuits, reinforcements that have arrived in recent days and more. The fifth season of Exatlon United States is one that will go down in history.

Did they draw attention to Wilmarie Negrón?

Before getting into the subject, let’s remember the beginnings of Wilmarie Negrón in the fifth season of Exatlon United States. The Puerto Rican athlete, known from another Telemundo reality show, “El Domo del Dinero”, joined Team Contendientes as a reinforcement along with Andoni García, and since her arrival she has attracted attention for her sporting skills and strategy when it comes to tackling the difficult circuits that this season have been characterized by being more complex than ever.

But parallel to his skills in the arenas, Wilmarie has generated conflicting opinions among fans of the competition, as some say that his character would be playing a trick on him within the competition. Let’s remember her walk alone, without any of her companions, when she won the car, and different gestures that have attracted the attention of fans at home, who would not be very happy with the way the girl is treating her companions.

In the portal for fans with information related to Exatlon United States, JacoJRx2, they touched on this issue of Wilmarie in one of their latest videos, where they assure that her case is very similar to that of Isaiah Vidal, in the fourth season, who did not take not at all well with his teammates, who at the end of the competition revealed different problems they had with the competitor of Team Contendientes as well.

One point that they touch on the visual is that Negrón would suddenly feel very pressured, after coming from “The Money Dome”, where her team was the winner, the girl is frustrated when she does not score points, something that is not what correct, because in contests like this you have to know how to lose.

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On the subject of Wilmarie Negrón, the followers expressed their opinion in clear disagreement with the girl’s apparent behavior: “Sorry, but that is not justification, those who practice some type of sports have to maintain a discipline and not be as arrogant and believing as that girl. blue, and you have to know how to win and lose. ” wrote one fan, while another assures that: “The production must scold the insolent Wilmarie, that is a lack of respect for the public.”

We want to give Wilmarie Negrón the benefit of the doubt, and we hope that the pressure that the warriors are subjected to does not play a trick on them.

Take heart, champion!

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