EXATLON 5 USA: Athletes leave early?

Telemundo Jacobo García returns to Team Famosos at Exatlon USA.

There are no more secrets. We are getting closer and closer to meeting the man and woman who will triumph in the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet”, Exatlon United States, which after a long and controversial fifth season, will end in approximately six weeks.

In recent days, we have seen through the Telemundo screens how the competitions become more and more intense, the prizes more coveted and the skills of the athletes much more forceful, since they all have a common desire, to reach that goal. final circuit where everything will be defined and for the first time in the history of reality, we will meet the winning men and women.

Athletes leaving early?

The fifth season of Exatlon United States has been one that has not escaped rumors on social networks that have speculated about possible reasons for the sanctions and expulsions that we saw a few months ago, resignations, friction between athletes and much more, but now the story is another and several fan portals indicate that several athletes would have to leave the competition before being eliminated.

Different sources assure that, as is logical and already in their last weeks, one by one the athletes who remain will begin to leave after being defeated in the duels for the permanence, but there would be some who would be leaving before time due to supposed commitments.

The YouTube portal JacoboJRx2 assures that, according to what the authority assures in everything related to the competition “Keyla: The Queen of Spoilers”, Jacobo García, “El Tarzán de las Arenas” of Team Famosos, would be about to leave the fierce sands of Exatlon America.

In this video they indicate that García would be eager to return to be with his partner Dayleen Santana, also a former Exatlon United States participant and their little baby, Ezra, who was born while Jacobo was in competition and was only allowed to go to be with him for a week.

There is a very important point in the JacoboJRx2 clip, and it is that although six weeks sounds like a very short period, having been away from his partner at such an important moment since the beginning of this year could be taking a heavy emotional toll. , determining factor in the supposed “resignation” of Jacobo.

On the other hand, other athletes who are very well positioned for the last days of Exatlon United States, are the Famosos Jeyvier Cintrón and Norma Palafox by the Famosos, both very well positioned in the performance table and focused on winning. And on the side of Team Contendientes are “Vaquero” Kelvin Noeh Renteria and Ana Parra who, very consistently, have continued to score points for their team, and will soon do so for themselves in the individual stage.

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On this subject that surrounds Jacobo, the followers did not take long to send him positive messages: “If Jacobo wants to go to see his baby and family, let him be allowed. Excellent athlete, fellow, humble. A child is the most beautiful prize that God gives us and they need to grow up with their parents because they grow too fast. QDB to Jacobo and his entire family. 🙏🙏🙏🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 ”It was the opinion of a fanatic.

Either way, this alleged departure of Jacobo is not confirmed, although, if so, there is no doubt that Tarzan is already a champion.

Go ahead, Jacobo!

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