EXATLON 5 USA: Is there an elimination on July 18?

Telemundo Tavo Gonzalez was nicknamed “El León” during his time at Exatlon.

The only certainty in the fifth season of Telemundo’s Reality Deportivo, Exatlon United States, is that nothing is final and anything can happen. The so-called “fiercest competition on the planet” in its fifth installment has been plagued with unprecedented situations ranging from the usual gossip and rumors on social media on a variety of topics, long lines of injured athletes (perhaps more than ever before), sanctions and expulsions for no known official reason, new circuits, incredible prizes and two winners, there is no doubt that this edition will be one to remember.

Two weeks without elimination

The fans of the fifth season of Exatlon United States have remained for two weeks without the dreaded Sundays of “fight for permanence”, where two participants of the team that was defeated, would face each other to decide who leaves the competition, and to who the dream continues in the fierce sands of the Dominican Republic.

The explanation why is very simple, in the last two weeks the last four reinforcements of the fifth season arrived, a man and a woman for each team, their names are: Génesis Romero and Diana Juarez for the women, and Luis Carpizo and Dennis Hernández on the men’s side and as is already custom and tradition in Exatlon United States, in the week in which reinforcements rejoin there is no fight for permanence, with the aim of giving the athletes the opportunity to acclimatize to the conditions of competition.

Is there elimination on July 18?

The period without elimination seems to have come to an end this Sunday, July 18, where the two teams, Famous and Contending, including their reinforcements, will measure forces in the arenas with the aim of knowing for whom the dream of continuing in Exatlon culminates. The United States, just over a month to meet the winners of an unusually long season.

Starting at 7pm / 6pm Central, in the new episode that we will see on Sunday, July 18, Famosos y Contendientes will measure all their strength in a duel where someone will have to accept defeat and must go home in a crucial stage of Exatlon United States, where each strategy could definitely change the destiny of each of the athletes who continue to fight for the dream of achieving glory and becoming the winner of the fierce competition.

After several weeks in unequal conditions between the two teams, with the arrival of the new reinforcements we begin to see them more acclimatized to each one and prepared to win against any forecast, it is that each time closer to the grand final, it is time to hone all the skills to win, because nobody wants to leave and everyone wants to get closer to the end, in which they will meet the successor and successor of the beloved “Latin Gringo” Nate Burkhalter, who won the victory in the fourth season of the competition program and to this day, he remains one of the most beloved winners.

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