First lady Martine Moïse returns to Haiti for her husband’s funeral

Martine Moise, widow of the president Jovenel Moise, returned to Haiti this afternoon after stay in a hospital from Miami after the attack that cost the Haitian president his life.

In social networks a video was released in which you can see when Martine gets off the plane where she was transferred.

Just a few days ago we informed you about a photo where the first lady from Haiti appeared on the hospital bed.

Regarding the arrival of Martine Moise, Haitian government officials indicated that she is well and fortunately the injuries did not they were serious.

Upon arrival at the International airport of Port-au-Prince Martine was greeted by the acting prime minister, Claude joseph, who remains at the head of the island’s government since the assassination.

In the video you can see that the first lady She is wearing a bulletproof vest, as the risk that criminal groups may want to attack her again is latent.

So far it is known that the funerals of the President Moise will be held next Friday in a church in Puerto Principe.

For the moment the role that the first lady will play is unknown in the transition process that would take place to elect the new president of Haiti.


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