Get Apple AirPods for less than you think

The Apple AirPods They came to the world in 2016, being highly criticized for their design and above all, for their price. At that time they cost € 179. However, the success was overwhelming and three years later we saw a second generation come out, which, although identical in design, already came with some changes. This is the one that you can buy today on both Amazon and Mediamarkt, although in the latter place somewhat more expensive.

So are the 2nd generation AirPods

They made their debut in 2019, although for some users it was a slight disappointment. Apple did not touch anything in terms of design, they were and are aesthetically identical. However, the original chip, the W1, is replaced by the H1. The latter has the ability to provide a better sound response. But the main feature of these headphones is to reduce latency, the time it takes for the headphones to pair with the sound source, your iPhone, your iPad, your iPod or your Mac.

The starting price of these headphones was very high, in fact, on the official Apple website They are priced at € 179 if we decide on the case without wireless charging, and € 229 if we acquire them with this possibility.

So much Amazon as Mediamarkt They have lowered the minimum prices of the AirPods today, being able to find them in both electronic stores for their lower price. € 119 on Amazon and € 125 on Mediamarkt, obviously without the wireless charging version. And the discount is 30% compared to the original price, understand, and can be purchased for € 119. They have never been so cheap.

Therefore, if you want wireless headphones that are perfectly adapted to your ear, with an incredible sound response, well balanced and with good audio quality, today is the time to get them. If in any case your budget is limited, take a look at these alternatives.

2nd Generation AirPods Features

Universal fit, your ear will not notice anything H1 chip, reduced latency. “Hey Siri” always active, that is to say it and a new world is activated. Up to 5 hours of audio playback (on a single charge). Over 24 hours of audio playback (with standard charging case). Lightning cable charging case, included in the box Personalized engraving with initials, emoji and more (Apple Store only).

Remember that these headphones can sync with some Android phones as well, though they provide the best possible answer within the Apple ecosystem. Today is the day you can make your wish to have them come true.

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