Great Britain F1 GP | Hamilton world coup: knock out Max and win

In the old military airport of SilverstoneInactive since the Second World War, converted into a racetrack, today the climate was totally belligerent. A tremendous battle was expected between Verstappen and Hamilton. Champion and contender, again, face to face. At stake, some key points for the title and much more than pride. All eyes were on the exit. Max had better race pace, but Lewis had to go all out at the start. If he beat the championship leader in the first corners, there would be a fight for the win. If he failed, the Dutchman was destined to escape and win the race with the cap. They both knew the hand that their rival had in this tremendous game of poker exposed. And in just 10 corners, after a tremendous melee between champion and title contender, the deck of the grid and the entire World Cup was completely redistributed. There was a blow to the World Cup. A train wreck in which Max would be the big loser. The 23-year-old was out of the race when he touched a Hamilton who would live another afternoon in which the luck of the champion smiled at him. The king imposed his law. He knocked out Max, served a 10-second penalty for his action, and came back as his great opponent watched everything from the barriers.

Initial accident

Verstappen he ran out of cards in his hand. He went against the wall of tires and wrecked his car. All due to a much discussed incident. Max had defended the gaps in the first corners very well against an absolutely runaway Englishman. Until Copse. Lewis crawled inside, taking advantage of the little hole Verstappen had left for him. Max was still a bit ahead and rounded the corner with everything. Nobody loosened. And then the shock came. Hamilton tapped his left front wheel on Max’s right rear wheel, which went against the bumpers. I was out.

Meanwhile, Hamilton, as happened to him on his departure from the Imola track, the virgin appeared to him again. Due to the crash that he himself caused, the race was stopped by a red flag. Having By keeping your car on track, you could repair its damage before the race resumed. He would come second after a Leclerc who benefited from such a cockfight. And after not being able to pass the Monegasque’s Ferrari at the start, they told him by radio that it had been penalized with 10 seconds.

What is 10 seconds for one of the best cars on the grid? Nothing. But that’s the way sanctions are in F1. Enough or not, Hamilton, fulfilling it, would cleanse his sins. It seemed clear that 10 seconds for Lewis would be a mere formality. So it was.

Champion comeback

In his subsequent pit stop, the 7-time F1 king served the 5-second penalty and started 5th (fourth real because Sainz had not stopped), 4 ”2 seconds behind Norris. There began the hunt for Stevenage, who took off his rivals one after another without hesitation. In several turns he had already passed Lando, and with newer wheels, he caught a Bottas who had been sent a clear message from the wall: “Valtteri, team orders. Don’t fight Hamilton “.

That happened with 11 laps to go. Lewis was going for a magnificent win with a comeback included. The next station was a Leclerc that he had done everything perfectly to return Ferrari to the path of victory, taking advantage of the initial mess. But Hamilton was much faster. In the absence of 11 laps he was 8.5 behind the Monegasque, and in the absence of 5 he was 1 ”2. It was inevitable. Hamilton had it within reach and he was not going to waste it. He had 5 races watching Red Bull uncork the champagne at the top of the podium. I was hungry. And the capricious destiny, wanted that above Hamilton happened to Charles in a key point. Guess what? Yes. In Copse. Precisely, in the same curve in which he touched Verstappen in the incident of the first round.

Eighth win for Hamilton at Silverstone, but above all, a tremendous emotional blow to a Max who is sure to get angry for a long time.

Hamilton started the race 33 points behind the leader. He took the victory and kicked out his rival, preventing him from scoring. He leaves Silverstone only 8 points. World coup. Only Checo Pérez, stopping at the end, was able to prevent the party from going round by removing a fast lap point with which he would have delved further into his rival’s huge wound. The World Cup is red hot.

Sainz is 6th with a very slow stop from Ferrari

Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso They completed a good race, but their result could have been a little better if their respective teams, Ferrari Y Alpine, they would not have failed in their stops with the Spanish pilots.

The Madrilenian, who started 10th, won a place in the first outing, and another due to the incident of Verstappen. He was eighth, and in the stand-off highlight, he won another position due to a Vettel spin. Then, the Madrilenian went to Fernando Alonso and started a huge fight with Ricciardo. The Ferrari driver won the game with an enormous pace, managing the tires very well and being faster than Daniel when the Australian had already made his stop. With old rubber, it was going like a shot. I was winning the position to Ricciardo thanks to its great rhythm. But when making his pit stop, the left rear wheel did not enter well and he lost a world.

The stop was 12 ”3 seconds. So they can see the difference Leclerc, who was then leading, took only 2 ”6 seconds to stop on the back lap. Carlos came out from behind Ricciardo. All the work he had done came to nothing because of a bad pit stop. But the Spanish did not throw in the towel. He went to great lengths to make up for lost time, and finally, he was left with the honey on his lips, only 0 ”830 from the de Mclaren. Carlos set himself the goal of entering the Top-7 or Top-5. He was about to achieve the maximum result to which he could aspire starting from so far behind.

Alonso, 7th

For its part, Fernando Alonso He could not repeat his magical sprint race start, but he did complete a great afternoon again. Vettel It happened to him on the first outing. But in the resumption, the Asturian returned the coin. The German insisted and finally, with a huge exterior, forced Vettel to trace through the interior, and there, the Teuton made a spin. The Spaniard, who started seventh, had no rhythm to fight Sainz’s Ferrari or go for the Mclaren. His fight was another, to defend himself from the other Aston Martin, the Stroll. The Asturian did it on the track, but when he stopped, his team was about to leave him without a prize.

Alonso took 5 ”4 seconds to stop due to a problem with the right rear tire. This made him lose the advantage with Stroll. He went after the Canadian with the coldest rubber, and despite this, he went for everything and did not hesitate for a moment. He hit Lance with an ax to regain a seventh place that he would no longer drop.

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