Hamilton surprises Verstappen and starts 1st in sprint race

Who laughs last laughs better. Is what he must have thought Lewis hamilton in the qualifying session of the F1 Great Britain GP of this friday. The Briton seemed to have lost everything after being surprised in FP1 by a Verstappen which was more than 7 tenths. But as I said right Fernando Alonso a few weeks ago, you should never make the serious mistake of not having Lewis.

Even more so in his circuit, before an audience that, without a mask, packed the stands of Silverstone already from this Friday to support his 7 times world champion. And without a doubt, he should not be left out of the pools when he released the evolutions that he had asked so much publicly in recent races, powerless against the speed of Red Bull. He only had one hour of Free to try these pieces and find the correct balance of your car before the ban on changing anything in the car for the remainder of the weekend came into force.

And meanwhile, Max seemed far superior. Also at the beginning of the classification. But Hamilton, like the good guys in the movies, despite receiving thousands of shots left and right, was reborn when all seemed lost to him. He gave a tremendous blow to Verstappen, returning with a stroke of the pen the right hands that Max hit him in previous races. And thus, he achieved above all prognosis the first position in the classification of the GP of Great Britain, which will allow you start from the first position in the new qualifying race this Saturday.

The pole is decided this Saturday

In any other Grand Prix, this would have been synonymous with pole number 101, but not on this English date due to the experimental weekend format what F1 tests in Silverstone, where the author of the pole will be the one who achieves the victory in the short race on Saturday, the call race ‘to qualifying sprint’ (5.30pm / DAZN F1), of just 17 laps. In it, Max will try to give him back by stealing the first starting position to win the eighth pole of his career. If this World Championship was already full of excitement, it seems that the sprint race that will be tested at Silverstone, Monza and Brazil, could add even more spice to the matter.

2021 F1 British GP qualifying times and sprint race starting grid

Schedule and where to see the 2021 British Grand Prix of Formula 1

The resurgence of the champion?

The classification of this Friday served to define the starting positions of the already famous sprint race, which will be the one that forms the starting grid on Sunday. But it also served to Hamilton will make it clear to his rivals that there is nothing decided in the World Cup and that there is a lot of cloth to cut. It may be the resurgence of the champion. Although there are still doubts about whether Hamilton’s improvement was due to the characteristics of the circuit, apart from the fact that he must also corroborate this progress in the long run, where Verstappen has his most powerful hammer. With this first place, Lewis will seek this Saturday to cut the streak of three consecutive poles of ‘Mad Max’.

Lewis hamilton

Lewis hamilton

In a Big prize usual format, Verstappen He would have already lost pole, but this new scenario gives the Dutchman a second chance, especially at the start, to try to overtake Hamilton and go for pole. The F1 I wanted to increase the excitement of F1 with this format, and if there is a fight between the two great candidates with a short race on Saturday, it will get it. And is that Do not forget that in the qualifying race 3 points are awarded to the first, two to the second and one to the third. Any point can be key in the battle between these two competitive animals at the end of the course. They both know it and it can add to the excitement even more.

Hamilton, from less to more

Verstappen he put out his chest from the beginning with his times, showing his superiority at the beginning, without suffering the slightest and with the appearance of having everything under control. In Q1, with his first attempt, he left 0 ”409 to Lewis ya 0 ”736 a Bottas. Hamilton needed a second attempt to get to 35 thousandths with a used wheel, although with a clear improvement on the track. Despite this, the first signs that everything could change came in Q2, since Max dominated again but with less margin, by 98 thousandths before Lewis by making a difference in the third sector. And on the last attempt at Q2, Hamilton surprised by beating Verstappen by 0 ”292. He refused to give the first place to Max. And finally, the current king confirmed his potential by taking the first place from the Dutch in Q3 before the outbreak of jubilation from all the fans.

Sainz, 9th

Carlos Sainz could not put the finishing touch to his classification, finishing ninth, to a tenth of Leclerc. But in such a tight midzone, a tenth can take you away from a lot of positions. This happened to Carlos, who after giving the Monegasque the slipstream, was ninth in his turn while his partner achieved a great fourth position. The Spaniard was all qualifying ahead of Leclerc, but his last attempt was not good.

Although more than that, what should concern so much Carlos like Charles It is the degradation of the front tires. It is their great weakness this course, and on such a demanding track in this regard, the red cars should suffer.

Alonso, 11th

Ferdinand Alonso he will fight again for points at the British GP. That should be his goal, and it still is. He failed to meet his first goal of the weekend, to break into Q3, falling outside the top ten by just 25 thousandths in a tremendously tight mid-zone. The Spaniard said he was hurt by traffic in his last attempt in Q2, with which he was 1 ”222 behind the fastest time. The Spaniard again beat his teammate Ocon, who was 13th.

Thus, the Asturian will have to start looking for points from the qualifying race this Saturday to get a good starting place on Sunday. You can try it with another of his great stationary starts.

Fernando Alonso, in the 2021 F1 British GPFernando Alonso, in the 2021 F1 British GP

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