how Google risked almost everything and succeeded in 2006

Only an idiot would buy YouTube.

If we had to mention Google’s most popular and profitable service, that would undoubtedly be YouTube. The big G video platform is used by millions of people throughout each day to the point that many no longer watch television, they prefer to watch their favorite videos on YouTube when they want and where they want.

However, what today is a successful platform was not like that years ago. YouTube was not known at all and many viewed it with suspicion. That is why when Google announced that it would take over it, many were those who put their hands to their heads.

“Only an idiot would buy YouTube”

“Only an idiot would buy YouTube.” These were the words of the billionaire investor and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks in 2006, in a news collected by CNET. For this market expert, YouTube was a platform that would end up in oblivion And it is that it only hung videos that violated the law and copyright.

The funny thing is that shortly after, Google arrived with $ 1.65 billion under his arm and ended up buying the platform. The news was really sounded, many treated the Mountain View company insane and concluded that the price of YouTube was not even close to what had been paid. Time of course has proved the Google guys right.

As we read in Android Authority, YouTube reached 800 million dollars in revenue in 2010 and this figure increased to almost $ 20 billion in 2020. What’s more, YouTube represents 10% of the income of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

How to watch YouTube videos in any application

However, we must remember that not everything Google touches turns to gold. Google paid a million for Motorola and later sold it to Lenovo for much less. Nor can we forget all those applications and services that flood the cemetery of the great G. Now, “only an idiot would buy YouTube” but what is certain is that Google’s movement of idiot, had really little.

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