How to make money online: the best tricks and methods

When it comes to getting extra income we can come up with many ideas. From giving support classes, walking dogs or sewing clothes. But, Is it possible to make money online? There is no doubt that it is, since you have to adapt to digital and it is a market niche that has more and more possibilities. These are just some of the most recurring tips and proposals.

Earning money online, a chimera?

Not at all, you can live off the internet. Now, you have to get out of your head that you are going to fill yourself with only half an hour a day. Even the famous youtuber work has many hours behind it. So how do you deal with the possibility of making money online? Well, being very clear about what your skills are and how you are going to sell them.

Work platforms

Places like Freelancer or Fiverr are a good showcase to offer your services. From translation, content writing, photography… there is a lot to choose from. You must create a profile, select your skills and be on the lookout for potential clients. The platform takes a commission from what you charge once you get a job. But as you get jobs and get positive reviews, so much the better for you and to get more assignments.

Paid Surveys

There are also platforms that pay for surveys. It is not that large quantities are obtained, but if you have free time and want to get an extra they can be an interesting option. You can visit this site and try.


You can join Amazon and get that when someone makes a purchase you take a commission. You must register on the affiliate platform and start monetizing the links. For this you can create a website, without much investment, in which you promote products, and that when someone buys them through your website, you take a part. It requires time, knowing the market, SEO techniques and have the web updated. But there are those who do well and are generating thousands of euros a month.

Create a YouTube channel

One piece of advice, don’t pretend to be the Rubius in 2 days. Also, there is only one and it already does it very well. Look for something different, be yourself and offer quality and different content. Yes indeed, a lot of dedication and get enough followers. With less than 100,000 you are practically nobody. You can also take advantage of your channel to sell your products. Crafts, courses, crafts, whatever comes to mind …

And there are many more ways to get earn money online. The point is to take it as a job in itself as long as your claims are high.

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