How to Play MKV Files Step by Step Easily

Today there is a wide variety of video formats that can be used both on a computer and on other devices, MKV being one of the most used but also one of the most difficult to reproduce. If you want to know how play MKV files, read on and take note of the steps you need to take to do it successfully.

What is the MKV format?

The MKV initials correspond to Matroska, the full name of the format and which was developed in 2002. The name is a tribute to the typical Russian dolls that are put inside each other since the format is an open standard container that inside you can have unlimited number of videos, audio tracks, subtitles and codecs, all in a single file.

The more content the file has, the larger its size and weight, so it will take up more space wherever you have it (cloud, hard drive, etc.). Its great advantage, in addition to being able to contain so much in a single file, is that maintains the highest resolutions while taking up as little space as possible. It is the best format in this sense, you will not find another currently capable of offering better features.

Programs to play MKV files easily


It’s one of the most popular and used video and audio players, since among its many advantages, the fact that it is free stands out. It is capable of playing the vast majority of audio and video formats that currently exist, including MKV, and is also available for both Windows and macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.


It is another well-known video player that, in addition to being compatible with MKV, allows you to create a multimedia center from which you can broadcast content to any computer you have in your home. Once you have it installed, the program itself will be in charge of indexing all the files it finds in the folders you have specified to download covers, metadata, scores and everything else that is necessary, automatically.

Thanks to this functionality you can have your entire library organized in the same place, both movies and series, music, photographs, etc. Plex is compatible with Windows, macOS, Chromecast, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Elmedia Player

This player it’s only for macOS and it is considered one of the best for this operating system. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and plays the vast majority of media files that currently exist, including MKV.

GOM Player

This player is compatible with Windows and plays not only the vast majority of video formats but also videos from YouTube and even videos recorded in 360º. It also has a codec search engine so that you can easily find the one you need in each case. Is free.

DivX Player

It is one of the best known players in recent years, compatible with both Windows and macOS. It is free and among its advantages, in addition to playing MKV and a large number of other formats, is that you can quickly switch between audio tracks, subtitles, forward, backward, etc.

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