How to remove browser bookmarks

Bookmarks are one of the best features that you can find in a browser, since it is undoubtedly very useful to be able to save the pages that you find interesting and not have to remember what they were. If you want to know how remove browser bookmarks, keep reading and we will give you the steps to do it correctly from any of the most used browsers.

Bookmarks, favorites … not all browsers call them the same way, but in all cases they fulfill the same function and make navigation much easier for users. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer … are some of the most widely used browsers today.

Steps to remove browser bookmarks

Google Chrome

Right click on any bookmark and select the “Delete” option, it will completely delete it from your bookmarks. This can be done both from the bookmarks bar and from the Bookmarks section or from the Bookmarks Manager. It is advisable to “clean” bookmarks with some frequency, since sometimes they are saved to consult something on time and we forget to erase them later.

Internet explorer

Historically the most widely used browser until the arrival of Google Chrome calls its bookmarks “Favorites”, and deleting them is as easy as right-clicking and selecting “Delete” from the options that appear. You can also delete them from the Favorites sidebar or from the Favorites menu bar.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s browser also calls its bookmarks Favorites, and to remove them you have to press the Hub button and click on the Favorites tab, which is labeled with a star icon. Hold down a favorite for a few seconds or click the right button, in both cases you will get options and you will have to choose “Delete”. If you select a favorite folder instead of just one, all the folders inside will be deleted.


Firefox is one of the browsers that has grown the most in recent years, and in this case they are also called bookmarks, as in Chrome. In the side panel of Bookmarks you can see all the ones you have, you just have to find the one you want to delete, select it and press “Delete” to delete it permanently.


The Apple browser also calls them bookmarks, and to delete them you have to open the option “Bookmarks” in the menu and then “Edit bookmarks” to open the manager where you have them all saved and organized, if you have organized them in folders. Press Control + Click on the marker you want to delete and select “Delete” when the menu with the options is displayed.

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