“I won the fight, I want revenge”

As soon as the presenter finished reading the controversial judges’ cards in the AT&T Center of San Antonio and declared a tie by split decision Come in Brian Brown Y Jermell charlo, social networks exploded in favor of the Argentine who, despite not having a good time in the 10th round, he clearly dominated at least eight of the twelve rounds of the bout.

Thus, as the name of the native of La Matanza began to grow in Twitter trends, Boxi did not hesitate and as soon as they gave him the floor above the ring, He acknowledged his victory and asked for a rematch.

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“I felt that the fight was won by me. I want to ask for a rematch immediately, because I know that the fight was won by me. He has hit me the odd hand, I have felt in the round, but that does not mean that he won the fight. I connected a lot of hands “, Brian sentenced before the public that, although he was mostly American, he was not satisfied with the judges’ ruling either.

The fight had been winning fairly. I hit some hands on the ninth and tenth, I was feeling the whole round but I knew how to carry it. Fights are fights. He is a great boxer and hits hard. I hope the rematch “, closed above the ring.

Already calmer, in dialogue with TyC Sports, he gave more details of the fight and, although he once again assured that he deserved the victory, he acknowledged that he did not have a good time in the 10th round.

“I’m happy with the work we did. It’s a pity that that hand caught me, it hooked me well, it made sense to me. and there he took advantage. I think that made the difference in the fight, because really the fight had been taking it. Always at the beginning of the round he would move a little, throw the odd jab, but I was leading the fight and closing the rounds. But hey, fights are fights “, he assured.

Also, about his preparation, he added: “We work very well. He was in very good physical condition. We made a formidable camp. “ At that point, about the most difficult moment of the fight for Boxi, Carlos Castaño, his father acknowledged that he thought about stopping the fight: “At one point I thought of throwing in the towel. It crossed my mind. I thought about his health before anything else. But he was a quarrel with Brian. Pity the failure. The same thing happened with Lara.

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No problem: there will be Castaño-Charlo

To close, waiting for the rematch to be announced, Castaño spoke of his future: “Now I’m going to rest a little bit. I’m going to go on a honeymoon with my wife, Carolina. and then I will enjoy with my family. Now on August 14th Alan fights, my brother, so we wait for his fight and we go back “.

With the result of the fight, the four belts that were at stake returned to their original owners and everything came to nothing. Charlo will remain super welterweight monarch of the AMB, CMB and FIB, while the Argentine will continue as king of the same division but in the WBO.

Castaño had Charlo on the ropes

The controversial judges’ cards

The controversial cards.

The controversial cards.


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