Isaiah Vidal and Mack Roesch get together and tell everything

Telemundo Isaiah Vidal is a Mexican-American runner, Vidal, 26, is the youngest competitor to have finished the Spartan Death Race twice.

Since the star sports reality of the Telemundo network, Exatlon United States, began five seasons ago, it has had different emblematic athletes in its ranks, they have captured the attention of the audience with their sports skills, athletic and physical attributes and in many opportunities, his personality, the one that for better or for worse has put them on everyone’s lips. Such is the case of two of them, who always arouse comments among fans of the television show, they are “The Tampa Machine” Mack Roesch, and “El Espartano” Isaiah Vidal, from Team Famosos and Team Contendientes, respectively.

Mack Roesh and Isaiah Vidal: Memorable!

Although they are from opposite teams, Mack Roesch has represented Team Famosos twice in different editions of the competition, and Isaiah Vidal has been part of Team Contendientes, both athletes participating in Exatlon United States are recognized names in obstacle courses and for Of course, they are names that are constantly remembered among Exatlon United States fans.

Mack Roesch has participated twice in Exatlon United States and in both attempts he has left due to injury, otherwise, his athletic ability always places him at the top of the performance tables. It is clear that in this edition, had he not suffered a blow that cost him his way, he could have easily reached the end of a definitely long and controversial season.

Roesch lived a sounded romance and subsequent break with former Exatlon United States reporter Jessica Cediel, and rumors on social networks assure that in the fifth season he would have come out not because of the alleged injury, but because he would have different legal issues to solve in an eternal battle who continues against his ex-fiancée.

Isaiah Vidal, for his part, we met for the first time in the last fourth season of the competition, where he stood out from the beginning as one of the strongest participants, but on the whole, a difficult temper and constant friction with his Peers made him perhaps one of the most controversial participants in the competition show’s history.

Isaiah Vidal and Mack Roesch get together and tell everything

Unexpectedly, both athletes, Isaiah Vidal and Mack Roesch, who already know each other for being on the obstacle course circuit, decided to get together through a live session on social networks where they told everything. Don’t miss this summary video here:


ISAHIA AND MACK TELL THEIR TRUTH Exatlón United States USA # 5 # ExatlónEstadosUnidos #ExatlonEEUU # ExatlonEEUU5 Exatlon from Chapter 141 Exatlón United States – Exatlón USA # 5 Exatlón is a high performance sports competition where participants test their strength, intelligence and courage to become the outright winner. FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7 / 6C ELIMINATION SUNDAYS by TELEMUNDO Famous: Norma Palafox Nicole ReignerX10 Brenda… 2021-07-12T00: 06: 51Z

This live session began with Roesch greeting the hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, and letting Isaiah know that people have asked for him as reinforcement this season. Quickly Mack, who was the moderator of the session, went on to touch on several topics, one of the first was if the followers wanted Vidal and Roesch to return to Exatlon United States.

Isaiah Vidal assured that he was dreaming of returning to Exatlon, especially after all the rumors that took place where a possible return of the Contender was assured, and both touched on the subject of another opportunity together in the fiercest arenas on the planet.

Mack secured an important detail; After an extended season, where the athletes are fighting tooth and nail to advance, they deserve every award, every recognition, because that fight is on behalf of their family at home, their friends and themselves.

Vidal was very clear and indicated that the production of the television program manipulates the material to show the audience what they want them to see, and that in his case it was he who received the worst, because there was someone who had to be the villain.

Do not miss everything that both warriors told in the video that we shared above.

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