Loki: Jonathan Majors admits he acted like a “clown” when playing Kang

Officially Loki – 96% is the first series from Marvel Studios and Disney Plus that will not only have a direct connection with the other films, but will also have a second season, and the menara in which they closed the first installment raised the expectations of viewers to expect the next season that does not yet have an official date. This series not only returned to the character of Tom Hiddleston, it also opened the door to the multiverse within the MCU and brought in other important characters.

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After meeting Mobius (Owen Wilson), Ravonna (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), Huntress B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku), Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) and all the other variants of the God of lies and deception. While it was exciting to find other versions of the character, they also managed to introduce a supervillain from the comics who will now seek to take over this Cinematic Universe.

In graphic novels he is known as Kang the Conqueror, but the one that the public watched in the last episode was a variant that only sought to maintain order in the sacred timeline, this, although it has many names, is presented as The One Who Remains. . Although the production managed to keep this character a secret to surprise in the closing, new possibilities have now opened up. But how did the development of this first appearance of who is behind the TVA work?

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During an interview last Friday morning by Entertainment Weekly, Jonathan Majors, who plays El Que Permanece, spoke of the freedoms he was given in production. To begin with, he was the last to arrive on set when the series was finishing filming because he was in the middle of filming the western film The Harder They Fall, but he also had the opportunity to take advantage of his acting training as a clown.

There are more smiles in that performance than in my other performances combined. It’s just what they asked for. I am a classically trained clown. That’s part of my education [artística]. I’ve been doing it for a long time, and being able to do exercise it [aquí] it was fun.

It is important to mention that the training of Majors as a clown was obtained by the Yale School of Drama, that was his specialization, although lately we had seen him in roles somewhat remote as in Lovecraft Country –

100%, for which he earned an Emmy nomination, or even 5 Bloods – 100% Spike Lee. But when he speaks of clown he does not refer to the common clown, but to the theater clown who seeks a balance between show and art seeking to entertain the public while achieving a close connection with him.

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In the clown, who also has different branches and styles, he pretends to be authentic on stage before being routine, for that reason, during the filming of the scenes of El Que Permanece, although Majors used his script as it is as a guide, he had the freedom to improvise on stage from his dialogues to his movements and his interaction with everything around him. One specific moment when this is noticeable is her little dialogue when she is illustrating her encounter with the other variants and uses the phrases “’I love your shoes.’ ‘I love your hair’. ‘Oh man, nice nose’ ”, which were improvised just like the moment he climbs on the desk.

Kate Herron, director of the series, commented in the same interview that in order to find the actor who would give life to this one who will later be an important villain, she gave herself the task of analyzing together with the entire team what they were looking for in front of the cameras.

[El atractivo del personaje está] in writing, in the sense that we want to know who is behind the Citadel of the End of Time. […] [El intérprete] It has to be an actor with a presence that grabs you immediately, because not all actors can do that, and Jonathan is one of the best actors out there. […] The idea of ​​getting on the desk was never considered. It was the fun of his improvisation. [El equipo de cámara] saw him start to move, and Autumn [Durald] He said, ‘Okay … “and then he saw the cameras start to move; it was almost like a dance with him. But that wasn’t planned.

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