Loki: Miss Minutes was going to be the bad guy at the end originally

Loki – 96% gave a leading place to the character we have known for exactly ten years within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, arriving under the interpretation of Tom Hiddleston in Thor –

77%, a tape for which he cast the lead role, but his villain would become as fundamental as the Avengers themselves. But in addition to bringing out the Norse God of lies and deception, the opportunity to play with a ton of new characters also presented itself.

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In addition to featuring many variants of Laufeyson, including Sylvie, it also opened the door to other roles that proved critical from different perspectives. Who makes her appearance from the first moment is Miss Minutes, who although she seemed a harmless narrator with the aim of explaining how the sacred timeline works and what the work of the TVA is, takes a sinister touch when she reappears in the Citadel of the End of Time in the last episode.

Although it is the only animated figure with a design referring to the cartoons of the thirties, there are still many questions surrounding it. Why was she the only one who knew that the Time Keepers weren’t real and what was her relationship to the One Who Remains? And above all, how is he capable of having human emotions? Who is it really? Some theories of fans began to point out her as an evil entity, but this has not yet been completely clear in the final chapter.

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Miss Minutes is sure to return for season two and viewers might find out a little more about her, meanwhile, director Kate Herron and voice actress Tara Strong have taken the time to dig a little deeper into this little animated clock. During a conversation with, the director confessed that there was a scene that denoted more the negativity of this entity, where she had a fight with Loki and Sylvie.

It was fun that you got the feeling that something a little more sinister was happening here with her. We always had a version where [Loki y Sylvie] they kept meeting her in the Citadel [del Final del Tiempo]. At one point, we had a fight scene with Miss Minutes at the Citadel; we had all kinds of things [para ella].

Herron also described the animation as a representation of temptation, which becomes clear when he tries to convince the then heroes that if they interrupt their desire to confront whoever is behind the Guardians of Time, they can grant them whatever they wish. He even claimed it was a version of the imp on the shoulder that gives bad advice. On the other hand, the actress who lends her voice to Miss Minutes spoke about the human emotions that the character explores.

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[…] Initially, [el personaje es] an exhibitor. Try to explain what happens with attitude and these cheesy things, even though very terrible things are happening. And then you see that she can actually be sensitive, she can worry about what’s going on. She gets mad, feels a real human emotion, and then you start asking yourself, ‘Oh my gosh, who is she? And how do you have access? Is she there at the end? How do you relate to the Guardians of Time?

Although the actress accepted that she was a sinister and strange character, she assured that it was important to free her and take her to a different level where she not only explains things, but also has a protective instinct with The One Who Remains and the Sacred Timeline, for what there must be so much more behind it that we don’t know yet.

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