Look like Michael Jordan with the Bulls ’23’ on his back for less than 10 euros Look like Michael Jordan with the Bulls ’23’ on his back for less than 15 euros

Although he has never stopped talking about him due to the length of his shadow, the figure of who for many is the best athlete in history It is again of relevance due to the documentary ‘The Last Dance’ (‘The last dance’ in Spain). We are talking, indeed, of Michael Jordan, a six-ring NBA winner with the Chicago Bulls, emulated time and again by fans and fellow professionals, but, so far, never surpassed (no matter how much he has tried to find a replacement in the ill-fated Kobe Bryant or , most recently in Lebron James). The truth is that ‘Air Jordan’ is, again, the protagonist and, recently, rivers of ink have flowed derived from his memories, which have reached all parts of the world in miniseries format, and in which, beyond controversial, it reflects what was an open secret: that MJ was a leader both on and off the field.

If you also want to feel what it means to wear the historic Bulls jersey with the 23 on the back, now it is easier than ever. We are not going to promise you, of course, that you will be able to shoot from all positions, score impossible baskets or smash the hoop from the free throw line, but when you meet up to play a game with your friends, you will be the envy of the Park. Available in red, white, black and black with red lines, Jordan’s t-shirt is the best seller on Amazon, where it has a note of 4.2 out of five and accumulates more than 130 user ratings. Take it now and save, depending on the one you choose, up to 30%.


This replica of the Chicago Bulls basketball jersey It incorporates both the name –Jordan– and the number –23– on the back. from the historic Illinois franchise player. On the front, in addition, the number, the inscription ‘Bulls’ also appears. The garment, in addition, adds the famous NBA logo, with the silhouette of Jerry West – nicknamed ‘The Logo’ -, a former Lakers player in the 60s and 70s, he played nine finals and was champion of the most important basketball league in 1972 with the Los Angeles team. “The fabric is comfortable and the embroidery is very successful; too good for its price compared to that of an official t-shirt ”, says an Amazon user. “It’s great, it has all the correct logos and it is fine, ideal for the summer “, agrees Javier García, client of this online store.

The shirt is made of 100% polyester, a durable and very resistant fabric, and it is perfect for playing basketball or sports, but also for daily use. This material, in addition, moisture wicking, breathable and stretchy with the aim of getting a fresh garment. The touch is soft on the skin to avoid chafing and low friction, especially in the hottest moments or when you sweat excessively. “For the kids it is ideal; good fabric and well finished. They will enjoy it ”, says another buyer on this virtual platform. “Nice replica at a very good price. It does not appear to have any flaws. Just like the original, ”says David Coronado, who has already dressed her. “It’s the best of the line. Fits perfectly and it looks amazing. Very good quality for the price. Super happy, ”says Aurora Barber, who has given the product a five-star rating.


In terms of design and appearance, the garment follows the classic patterns of any basketball jersey, that is, sleeveless and, in this case, with a round neck, and is available in red, white, black and black color with red lines. Of a retro type, the product, in addition to the aforementioned NBA logo, also adds that of Nike. Everybody is embroidery –Also the name and the number–, which adds a plus of elegance and quality. The shirt can be ordered at various sizes and the manufacturer recommends looking at the measurement chart –Which can be consulted on Amazon– and in the US reference. “Quality of 10. The product is as described. The quality of the fabric is spectacular, similar to the original. The sizing adapts to the picture that the seller puts. The letters, numbers and logos are embroidered. Very happy with the purchase ”, summarizes Cayetano García, who has awarded the garment the highest score on the e-commerce giant’s website.

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* All prices included in this article are updated as of 07-14-2020.

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