Marvel’s Avengers to face NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR

It is funny that it is precisely a title like Marvel’s Avengers that will finally allow face two key technologies in the world of video games currently. Two technologies that, in theory, aim to offer more or less the same (although each, of course, with its own development) and that, always in its own words, are exceptionally better than the competition. This is not new, but it is still extremely interesting.

As I said, the arena in this case is going to be Marvel’s Avengers, and as we can read in DSOG, Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and EIDOS Montreal have released a new patch for the game that, in addition to other novelties, adds compatibility with AMD FSR. Thus, eThis title becomes the first to support both NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sample) and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution.

Remember that both technologies are based on intelligent image rescaling, which allows the GPU to process smaller frames, which are later resampled by both technologies, each of them on their manufacturers’ graphics cards. Therefore, and thanks to this Marvel’s Avengers update, it is now possible to use the same system (or two similar computers), one with an AMD graphics and the other with an NVIDIA GPU to establish a comparison of the result that we will obtain, in the same PC, with the technologies of both manufacturers.

There is some nuance, however, and that is It could be that the version of DLSS that Marvel’s Avengers uses is not the most currentTherefore, if this point is confirmed, NVIDIA’s resample solution would play at a disadvantage compared to AMD’s. But, even so, some first results in this regard can be very interesting, waiting for new titles to be added to the compatibility with the latest versions of both technologies soon.

As we already told you at the time Marvel’s Avengers has previously served as a game to establish comparisons between rival platforms, because a little over a year ago, in June 2020, it confirmed its presence, at the launch date, for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. But, of course, we could not expect anything else from Tony Stark, if there is anyone capable of dealing with the most cutting-edge technology it is, without a doubt, the guy with the most impressive suit in the history of the comic … with Batman’s permission, of course.

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