Miami political leaders and artists demand concrete action from the US to help Cuba – Telemundo Miami (51)

A peaceful demonstration to support the Cubans who, since last Sunday, took to the streets of the island to demand “Freedom” and protest for their most basic rights, took place this afternoon in the Downtwon of the city of Miami, right on the iconic Freedom Tower.

Among the concrete actions requested of President Joe Biden and the international community to regain freedom in Cuba, a possible “military intervention” is included to overthrow the communist regime in Havana.

At the event were present important figures from the musical world such as Emilio Estefan, Willy Chirino and Jencarlos Canela, -all of Cuban origin and recognized for their defense of the cause of freedom of the island-, who were joined by political leaders from exile among those highlighted by Rosa María Payá and Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat.

Renowned music producer Emilio Estefan asked the US Government to speak little and to “take action” and urged him to travel to Miami to “stand up” to the Cuban community. His claim was joined by another of the symbols of the community, fellow singer Willy Chirino, who intervened to ask the world not to allow the “flame” of the protests to be “extinguished.” “This has no going back,” he said excitedly.

The Freedom Tower in Downtown Miami, which welcomed Cubans in their beginnings as migrants in South Florida, was the ideal space to hold a meeting in which they expressed direct demands on the US government to collaborate with the Cuban-American community in their struggle. to liberate the Cuban people who have been fighting in the streets for several days to get out of the dictatorship that submits them.

The Cuban dissident Rosa María Payá asked for “solidarity” with the Cuban population who took to the streets on the 11th in anti-government protests not seen in decades, she did so demanding that this be in the form of “actions and not words.” Therefore, he asked for international sanctions for the island’s rulers, so that “impunity” does not reign, at the same time that he requested “consequences” for the multinationals that do business on the island and profit from the “suffering of the Cubans.”

Both by water and by land they attended the meeting, since both those who arrived by boat at Biscayne Bay or those who marched to the Freedom Tower joined voices to demand the end of the dictatorship that for six decades has repressed Cubans, submerged in recent times in a bloody health and economic crisis.

But the Miami Cubans want much more than a possible setback in Biden’s intentions, which is why they advocate a military intervention already rejected by Democrat Bob Menéndez, a senator of Cuban origin who chairs the Foreign Committee of the US Senate.

While this was happening in Miami, in Washington DC and in cities across the country, various marches were held this Saturday. In front of the White House, about 200 Cubans gathered who also asked Biden for tougher actions against the Cuban Government, just as in New York’s Times Square, dozens of people gathered to demand the departure of the Cuban Government, shouting “¡¡ Liberty!”.

Since the protests occurred last Sunday, the island has been experiencing a digital blackout with restricted Internet, where only a minority have access to the network, usually using certain VPN applications, which limits the flow of truthful information about what is happening in the island, while making communication difficult for Cubans from within and without.

The July 11 protests, the strongest in Cuba in decades, came with the country in the midst of an out-of-control pandemic, an apparent shortage of food, medicine and basic goods, as well as long power outages.

At his side, Miami has been the epicenter during the last week of several spontaneous protests by Cuban exiles in support of the protesters on the island.

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