“Nadal’s resignation from Tokyo has not been a whim”

07/18/2021 at 6:21 PM CEST


The Spanish tennis player Pablo Carreño will live in Tokyo 2020 the first Olympic Games of his career. He will arrive in Japan with the Hamburg tournament under his arm, the sixth in his career and, so far, the most important.

The 29-year-old Asturian tennis player beat the Serbian Filip Krajinovic for 6-2 Y 6-4 and added Hamburg to Marbella as successes obtained in 2021. Six has accumulated throughout his career the thirteenth tennis player on the circuit that previously triumphed in Chengdu, in 2019, in Estoril in 2017 and in Moscow and Winston Salem in the 2016.

Carreno He will return to Spain and in the next few hours he will travel to Tokyo. Before that, he attended the . Agency from Hamburg.

Question: What do you expect to find in Tokyo?

Answer: “It is a difficult moment but they have tried to start the Games in the best possible way. There will not be an audience and that will make them different and we will not be able to go to see other competitions that in an event like this always makes you excited. I don’t know how will the theme be in the Olympic Village or the arrival in Japan “

It is a difficult time they have tried the best possible way. There will be no public and we will not be able to be in other competitions watching. it always makes you excited. I do not know how the theme of the town will be or the arrival in Japan

Q: Once there, in Tokyo, what is your idea, what is your goal.

A: “Reach one hundred percent. Acclimatize in the best way. I am not going to do everything that I would like nor am I going to have the desired time, but in the world of tennis we are used to it”

Q: In the end, the Olympic tournament will have many casualties, important absences. The most recent that of the Italian Matteo berrettini. Have you been particularly surprised by any?

A: “It is true that there are many casualties and each one has their reasons. Some due to the calendar, others due to injuries. I have given the reasons why I wanted to go from the beginning and that is what I am going to do.”

Q: The absence of Rafael Nadal did they expect her or did they see her coming

A: RafaIn the end, he is a 34 or 35-year-old player who has already won two gold medals, one individual and one in doubles. He has played a lot throughout his career.

But he had already given up on Wimbledon. It sure was not a whim. Sure you have thought a lot about it and what is best for your career.

Q: Who has confirmed their presence is Novak Djokovic. Is it the main favorite in Tokyo ?. Do you see him with a chance to win every title, Grand Slam and Olympic gold this year?

A:Djokovic it is above all. It seems unbeatable. He is at a very high level and if there is a favorite in Tokyo, it is him.

But he is also the rival to beat, the one who has all the pressure behind. Anyway, I don’t look at him or what he’s going to do. I must focus on myself.

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