New Cheap USB RGB LED Controller

After the original Farbwerk comes its Nano version

The success of Aqua computer with his Farbwerk and its different options seems that it is not enough for the Germans, since with this Nano version they take a step further in the miniaturization of the system without losing an iota of control. For those who do not know what a Farbwerk is, we will say that it is a USB controller for RGB which has a very advanced control software called Aquasuite, program where all the hardware of the brand rotates.

On this occasion everything has been miniaturized to the minimum expression, but even so it is capable of doing great things, such as controlling 90 RGB LEDs addressable at once. Unlike the original model integrates a button that allows you to turn the device on and off, where it also has more functions: with a double click we change the profile and leaving it pressed we can change the brightness of the LED strips.


As we have said, everything is controlled by the powerful software Aquasuite, which Aqua Computer after a lot of work along the way has endowed with a new feature called ALPHApx, with which we can combine different effects through different layers.

Within this characteristic we have to highlight AMBIENTpx, an image analysis system that will allow extrapolation of what is seen on the screen and its colors to the LED strips of this Farbwerk Nano.

This is indicated, logically, for monitors, being a kind of Philips Ambilight but enhanced, since it also analyzes the sound with light, acquiring special effects that can be controlled from the software.

Depending on the brand, to ensure that all effects are displayed as smoothly as possible, calculations are performed within the Farbwerk Nano, allowing an exact calculation and avoiding color transitions.

Aquasuite gets even more powerful

If the Aqua Computer software was already complete, now with the inclusion of these systems it is even better. But to make it even easier to use this new Farbwerk Nano, the company has added improved profile management. These can be changed automatically or by rules, and these can be selected on programs already started, which allows a different lighting depending on the software we use.

Of course, in addition to this improvement, the lighting can change according to the use or temperature of our components etc.

Aqua Computer will offer this Farbwerk Nano for 29.90 euros, including a strip of 10 × 320mm with 15 LEDs and a 50 cm connection cable. For said connection USB we can choose because it is internal or external, which seems to be offered in two different models so that we can choose without any problem.

Regarding availability, seems immediate and we can find it in the main online stores and on their website.

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