Nokia XR20 previews a new rugged smartphone that doesn’t need a cover

Smartphone manufacturers tend to design attractive, thin and light devices, which in many cases, tend to be too fragile, which in turn leads to the need to use covers that end up covering and changing their appearance. Something that Nokia seems willing to remedy, with the advancement of the imminent announcement of the new Nokia XR20, a rugged smartphone capable of surviving without the need for additional protection.

Some very promising statements that, ignoring the latest reversal of the same, they remind us of old devices like the Nokia 3310, known for its enormous resistance.

While the company has not wanted to share anything about the features and specifications of the device, it has already some of its possible specifications have begun to leaksuch as resistance to water resistance.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that the new leaked image shows a blue phone that looks quite different from the image Nokia initially shared on its forums, which features a square section for cameras instead of the previous round layout. Some differences that have made speculation jump, raising the possible non-fidelity of the last leaked image, the possibility that the initial image of the Nokia XR20 shared in its forums was an early prototype now changed, and even the possibility of a complete family in instead of a single rugged smartphone.

On the other hand, this leak also includes some first speculations about its internal components, which suggest the presence of a 6.67 inch screen with FHD + resolution, a Snapdragon 480 processor, up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, and support for LTE networks, thus eliminating the possibility of 5G support.

On the other hand, the leaks also speak about the presence of a 48 megapixel main camera and a 13 megapixel ultra-wide camera for its rear, to which two other sensors would be added to be confirmed. As for its front camera, a simple 8-megapixel sensor is expected.

What is not clear is if this could be one of the first phones to abandon the current operating system in pursuit of the adoption of HarmonyOS, given that its nomenclature includes it around the X60 family, indicated as the first to be able to adopt this change. .

Unfortunately, in the absence of any official confirmation, at the moment we have no choice but to wait for the official reveal of the Nokia XR20, dated July 27.

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