Not only does the NBA steal from the Real Madrid quarry

American basketball has taken it with Real Madrid. The NBA began fishing with the majors: Facundo Campazzo and Gabriel Deck left the white team in the middle of the season to call on the Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder, respectively. And this summer, the hunt can continue with Carlos Alocen and Usman Garuba.

Most mock drafts (draft forecasts) place the pivot in the middle of the first round. Even within the Top-15: The Ringer and . put him in 14th place, while USA Today goes further and predicts that he will come out as number 11, which would cause, predictably, his departure to the North American League.

The choice of the base is more complicated and looks like continuity in the club: the forecasts do not take him into account for this edition. He would have more options in 2022, which would include three other pearls from the quarry: Tristan Vuckcevic would be chosen in the position 19; Boris Tisma, at 29; and Mario Nakic, at 36.

Alexandre Sarr

The problem is that the NBA is not the only actor on stage. The United States has seen the emergence of different championships and platforms for the youngest far from the traditional NCAA and that also serve to make the leap to the elite of North American basketball. Among them, Overtime Elite League, which has already stolen its first player from the Madrid quarry.

It is about Alexandre Dam Sar. The 16-year-old French power forward landed at Real in 2019 from Toac and this season he has played for Cadet A. He became the first foreigner to sign for OEL. “(He is a) great player with a lot of mobility, a very good blocker and rebounder on both sides of the court. On the offensive field, this power forward stands out for his good hands when it comes to dribbling, passing and shooting to the basket ”, they describe him on the Madrid website.

Overtime Elite League

Son and brother of basketball players, Sarr will start his career in a competition in September that has received the support of stars like LeBron James and that defines itself as “a new transformative sports league” that offers “a better way to become professional athletes” to young players (only 30, in principle). Members will receive a minimum salary of $ 100,000. The tournament has a budget of 80 million dollars. Illustrious names like Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), singer and businessman Drake, and players like Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony support the project financially.

The income of the future stars does not remain only in the salary. “Each player will earn a six-figure salary (…) in addition to bonuses and participations in Overtime. They will also participate in the income from the use of their name and image, even through the sale of personalized t-shirts, business cards or video games ”, they assure from this sports media company.

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