Pello Bilbao: ”. Ninth place is important for me and the team

07/17/2021 at 7:47 PM CEST


The Spanish Pello Bilbao (Bahrain Victorious) was happy with the ninth place achieved in the general classification of the Tour de France and described as “round” the Tour made by his team, with three stage victories.

“I did my best on the clock, but at this point much more could not be done. A ninth place I think we have to give it value. Perhaps I have not had much brightness, I have appeared little on TV, but behind all this there is a terrible job. I attach great importance to it, and so does the team. The Tour has been great for him. Bahrain Victorious, with victories and prominence, “he explained.

Pello Bilbao (Gernika, 31 years old), finished the 30.8-kilometer time trial between Libourne and Saint Emilion 3.13 behind the winner, the Belgian Wout van aert, but he successfully defended the ninth place overall.

Bilbao also had technical problems with the radio cables, but they were not an impediment to achieving the objective.

“Even without the problem with the radio I wouldn’t have been able to do much more. It is true that it has deconcentrated me, the radio escaped out of my jersey, I tried to throw it away, but I was afraid that it would catch on the wheel and I threw it. missing references and encouragement from the car “

The Basque cyclist recalled the hardness of the Tour de France, the toughest race he has ever lived.

“The Tour is the most stressful race of all, without a doubt. For example, yesterday, which was a theoretical transition stage, there were two montoneras, people are exhausted, without reflexes. That is what it takes three weeks of intensity, we arrived exhausted and it’s easy to make mistakes “

The cyclist Gernikarra also commented on other factors that have marked this Tour de France, such as the police search of your hotel and your exclusion from the Spanish team to Tokyo.

“We had the issue of the police search at the hotel, the issue of the selection, with all the pending media. I do not like to be controversial, but I could not shut up. If someone is upset by my words I apologize, I tried to be transparent. If you keep it, you explode. “

Bilbao ruled out his participation in the Back to Spain after having participated in Turn Y Tour, and regarding his future for 2022, he considers that it is early to make decisions. “Now to rest and disconnect,” he concluded.

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