PlayStation and Netflix could join forces on a “secret” project

One of the most relevant news that the video game industry left us this week, apart from the presentation of the Steam Deck, is that Netflix plans to offer games on its platform from 2022. Thus, as the months go by, it will be more common to hear information about the development of their first titles. However, it is also possible that Netflix has another ace up its sleeve: a collaboration with PlayStation.

Steve Moser, a collaborating dataminer at MacRumors, found that the Netflix application on iOS “hides” some elements related to PlayStation. For example, an image showing the controllers of the PlayStation 5 (DualSense). On the other hand, and perhaps even more surprising, he found the cover of Ghost of Tsushima, the acclaimed exclusive title developed by Sucker Puch. This game will receive its Director’s Cut version on August 20.

What is it about? Unfortunately we don’t know; neither Netflix nor PlayStation have commented on the matter. So, from here, we will take the liberty of speculating with a couple of possibilities that are handled on the internet. The first of these, and perhaps the most likely, is that Netflix has acquired the rights to the movie Ghost of Tsushima, a feature film announced just last March. The direction will be in charge of Chad Stahelski himself, best known for being the director of all John Wick films.

We must also not forget that Sony Pictures closed a deal with Netflix so that all its 2022 films are exclusive to the video service after their theatrical release. This association includes productions such as Uncharted, Spider-Man: A new universe 2, Morbius and Bullet Train. The Ghost of Tsushima feature film, like Uncharted with Tom Holland, involve the participation of PlayStation Productions, the cinematographic arm of the video game firm.

The other option, which some will consider crazy, is that PlayStation is part of Netflix’s strategy to enter the video game industry. Everything indicates that the service will use Cloud Gaming technology to offer its first games through the current platform. That is, no additional subscription or application will be required. Could Ghost of Tsushima be one of the titles that make up the initial catalog? It would be quite surprising, certainly. In the coming months we will leave doubts.

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