Robert Downey Jr. to star in HBO series by Oldboy director

Robert Downey Jr. is a Hollywood darling thanks to his involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 2008 he became the protagonist of Iron Man – The Iron Man – 93% and since then fame and fortune have not stopped falling. The years have passed and Downey He moved away from the franchise to make way for other projects, however, he is already about to take his next step in the entertainment industry. A new report from Deadline reports that the actor will star in a new HBO series alongside the director of Oldboy: Five Days to Vengeance –


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From a very young age, Robert Downey Jr. He was distinguished by his charisma and great talent in front of the camera. Although he had a very difficult time in his life due to addictions, in 2008 he regained all his glory thanks to the MCU. But now you’re ready to move on with The Sympathizer, a television series that arises from the collaboration between HBO and A24 and is based on the novel of the same name and winner of the Pulitzer Viet Thanh Nguyen. It is not the first time that both studios come together for a production, in 2019 they did it with Euphoria – 76% and the results were spectacular: awards everywhere.

Park Chan-wook, South Korean director famous for his work in Oldboy or The maid, will be in charge of directing the series and this is enough to raise the expectations of the public. The Sympathizer is a novel that presents the life of a spy at the end of the Vietnam War and his arrival in the United States; it offers us satire, reflections on identity and even suspense. But Robert Downey Jr. He will not be the protagonist, but the antagonist, as it is reported that he will fill different roles throughout the series, from a CIA agent to a Hollywood director. At the moment, the actor who will fill the starring role has not been announced.

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It seems that with The Sympathizer, Robert Downey Jr. he will not be the great hero that everyone expects. The actor had spent many years being the favorite justice figure, but that time has ended and now it is time to continue on a different path. TO Robert It took him several years of his life to stay at Marvel Studios but now he is moving forward with ambitious projects that will confirm to the public the existence of meaning beyond superhero cinema.

Robert Downey Jr. left the MCU in 2019, with the end of Avengers: Endgame – 95%. The film showed us the death of Tony Stark after sacrificing himself using the Infinity Stones; The fans suffered with this decision but the actor had already intended to leave the character forever. It had been more than a decade and he was in need of fresh air, and although his most recent project, Dolittle – 28% did not turn out the way he wanted (it was a surprising failure in fact), he still has many plans on the way, and all involve multi-million dollar aspirations. With The Sympathizer he intends to highlight that good name that characterizes him and is on the right track. Now it doesn’t seem like a career stumbling block or the wrong idea.

In addition to the intervention of HBO and A24, The Sympathizer will be produced by Park chan-wook, Robert Downey Jr. Y Susan downey, his wife. Will the series manage to become a multi-award winning small screen like others? Will we see an Emmy in the hands of Robert or in those of one of his colleagues? Filming has not started yet and there is no release date, we hope these details will begin to flow soon.

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