Rumor: Warner Bros. Paid Henry Cavill A Good Sum To Have Him Back In Black Adam – .

Something that is not in doubt is that many fans loved Henry Cavilll in the role of Superman. The problem is that neither Warner nor the actor have said if their days playing this hero are over. What was known is that the contract he had signed requires him to leave one last time as the character. The thing is, the last time we saw it in the DCEU in 2017 (the Snyder Cut doesn’t count because it’s material that was already recorded).

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As long as there is nothing definitive, speculation about its future will be endless. The rumors have not been lacking. Most of them in recent times have revolved around a very specific movie: Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson has been said to be dying to be in a DC movie with the English actor. For the same reason, it has been said that he has done everything possible for us to see his Superman in the first DC movie of The Rock.

A new rumor has emerged about that possibility. As reported by We Got This Covered, the informant Mikey Sutton has assured that Cavill is going to make an appearance in Black adam. He has assured that it is something very safe and undoubted. In addition to the above, he also said that the actor’s price has risen considerably since the last time he put an S on his chest. In other words, if this is true, that would mean that Warner Bros. was willing to pay the actor a good sum to get him back.

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It must be taken into account that if all this were true, it is something that would have already been recorded. Keep in mind that that movie was finished shooting this week. If the actor actually appeared in it, that would mean that he already shot his scene. Is it true? The reality is that there have been so many rumors about his possible appearance in that film since Dwayne johnson he wants to revive the Snyderverse, which at this point seem more fan wishes than anything else.

The rock he is a powerful actor in Hollywood. There is not something debatable, but that does not mean that he has the power to do what he wants. The truth is, we have no certainty that he really wants to restore the universe that DC discarded. It is a possibility, but one that we do not know. These kinds of rumors could simply be things that fans want to hear.

Remember that there are others that suggest that the actor could face Supergirl in a future DCEU movie. And others will continue to emerge that contradict those that already exist. The truth is that this type of gossip will not stop until the actor publicly says that his days as Superman have come to an end or until we see him appear in a DCEU movie. The truth is that the former seems much more likely than the latter.

Changing the subject recently the one and only Grant Morrison He said he found the idea of ​​an evil Superman ridiculous and did say so in relation to the possible sequels to the Snyder Cut:

It’s something that I’ve come to terms with and reduced to the patriarchal structures that have been oppressing us, you can easily make Superman representative of that. This caring father-like figure can turn overbearing, but I think that’s a mistake. I think the idea that Superman would react to Lois Lane’s death by becoming a tyrant is ridiculous; my mom and dad died and I did not become a tyrant. If I can handle it, Superman can handle it.

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