Sean McInerney from ‘Jackass’ is bitten by a shark

. Tourists approach a great white shark as it swims past the cage on October 18, 2009 in Gansbaai, South Africa.

Sean McInerney, actor of the television series transmitted by MTV called ‘Jackass’, in participation of the promotion of’ Jackass 4 ′ and during Discovery’s Shark Week on a special for “Shark Week”, which will be broadcast on 12 On July 18, he was almost dismembered by a shark that attacked him when the intrepid feat he wanted to perform on his surfboard did not go well.

The stars of this famous program from the 90s, in full promotion of its fourth season, wanted to replicate one of the scenes from “Happy Days” in which Fonzie (Henry Winkler) did a waterskiing stunt, but Sean McInerney , nicknamed “Poppies”, commissioned to do the acrobatics, it did not turn out well.

The remembered actor who earned his nickname for defecating at a busy confluence of streets at the age of 13 wanted to do the same, but the scene turned out to be very bumpy. After wanting to jump over at least 10 sharks, he lost his balance and fell right on top of them, and immediately the natural reaction of the animals was to attack their prey.

The moment of panic was recorded in a video that Discovery himself published on his YouTube channel, and that shows how the actor asks the team for help to rescue him, but unfortunately the animals had a faster reaction and one of them attacked him biting it and plunging it into the water with strong jerks. The image of the shark’s fin moving and waving in the water is impressive.

The team of companions of “Poppies”, without thinking, jump into the water and make their rescue, withdrawing him towards the boat with a bleeding wound in one of his hands, which needed a tourniquet avoiding a hemorrhage that could possibly lead to the death.

“I knew there was a possibility that I would be bitten by a shark, but I didn’t think it would happen,” he said.

You can watch the video below or here:


2021 Shark Bite Jackass Sean McInerney (poopies) Shark WeekIn true Jackass-style, the crew headed to an undisclosed location to film with sharks. During one of their money stunts one of the guys was bitten on the hand by a shark. Sean McInerney, aka Poopies, was jumping over sharks when he crashed in the water. As I have splashed around, a reef shark approached and… 2021-07-13T20: 22: 59Z

“It was 6:30 p.m., it was starting to get dark, it was cloudy… and I just wanted to finish filming. I jumped, fell, looked down and saw the sharks … just when one bit me on the hand, “explained Poopies himself. After the great scare, his recording colleagues, including Chris Pontius, assure that this “is a reminder that we are going very far. Either everything works out or this happens. Hopefully, everything is always fine, but not this time, “said the Jackass member, in statements quoted by ABC.

For his part, Steve O, quite scared by the attack, launched the expression that “it is a reminder that yes, we are pushing quite hard. I would be dead if it weren’t for the speed with which the whole team acted, ”acknowledged his partner.

Fortunately, Sean only received one bite on his left hand that was stitched up by the medical staff who assisted him, after several tendons and arteries had been reconstructed. This is how it remained and how he taught it on the Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis podcast:

“Now, he recovers from the shock and celebrates that his hand, nor any other part of his body, has been dismembered. And as is characteristic of his being, the actor took this event with great humor saying “I want a bonus!”, Joking about the dangerousness of the stunt he wanted to do. As well as stating that he really thought that nothing bad could happen to him during the recording scene. “He was in his living room and it was time for dinner,” he concluded.

“Jackass 4: The Movie”

It should be remembered that on October 22 “Jackass 4” will hit theaters, the new cinematographic adventure and perhaps the last one made by the members of this intrepid and crazy series that was born on television in 2000 until its insurmountable trilogy of feature films about the power of friendship and the low appreciation for physical integrity: Jackass: The Movie (2002), Jackass 2:
Still More (2006) and Jackass 3D (2010).

In this film we will not only see Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O, but a large part of the original actors, with the exception of Bam Marguera, who was eliminated from the series. The film will also feature Steve-O and Chris Pontius, other members of “Jackass” who also shot stunts with the sharks, but were luckier than Sean.

The full chapter available on Discovery, which could be part of the film, will show the actors interacting with these dangerous fish, putting their noses to the test.

A dangerous series that puts life at risk

According to La Guia, this television series cataloged as a comedy, was born by Jhonny Knoxville in 1998, when Knoxville himself tested self-defense devices such as the taser and a shot from a 9mm gun against his body, while wearing a bulletproof vest, all this in order to attract the attention of the public while it was recorded.

Daring and risky scenes like these attracted an audience that liked to see life-threatening situations, a format that was harshly criticized for negatively influencing audiences. However, the program was not banned, it was catapulted as a series with a lot of “rating”.

The history of television shows changed and programs recorded on a low budget and naturally were the fun and entertainment of young audiences.But a risk program was not without going wrong, and one of the most extreme cases that changed the course of this, was the death of one of its main members during one of the many crazy stunts.

On June 20, 2011, Ryan Dunn crashed his car into a tree drunk during the filming of the program, along with him the cameraman Zachary Hartwell died. Which caused a great depressive breakdown for his best friend, also the star of the show, Bam Margera, who between tears and screams gave his last interview for this show at the scene of the accident.With this fatal accident the crazy show came to an end and each member of the team went their own way.

Now, the consequences of everything intrepid that its actors did was forever marked in some of them. This is the case of Jhonny Knoxville, known as the leader of the group, who currently must urinate through a catheter because with a dramatic tint, after performing a trick that left him very badly injured, he ended up literally breaking his limb.

Likewise is Steve-O, considered the most insane of the group, who carried out the most unusual and dangerous challenges, and who after several suicide attempts, his friends from the program decided to admit him to a psychiatric hospital, in which he was rehabilitated and who currently maintains its fame through social media.

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