Space Jam 2 surpasses Black Widow at the US box office – .

In 1996, Space Jam: The Game of the Century – 36% was released, one of the most popular films in which cartoons were combined with live-action that also featured one of the biggest stars in the world of basketball at that time. moment it was Michael Jordan. The meeting between the popular athlete with Bugs Bunny and his friends did not get the best comments from the critics, but it would become a favorite for the nostalgic who grew up in the 90s.

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This year the unexpected happened, a sequel arrived to reunite the crazy cartoons with another basketball star, LeBron James. Space Jam: A New Era – 64% had everything to catch audiences and elevate the magic of the animated world and the real world thanks to technological advances, not forgetting that the film would bring together countless famous Warner Bros. characters. , controversy engulfed the production.

The decision to eliminate Pepe Le Pew and give a place to the protagonists of A Clockwork Orange – 89% or Pennywise became a great topic of debate that would enrage fans of the characters, which could overshadow the impact that the film would have. But despite this, Malcolm D. Lee’s film exceeded his own expectations on its opening weekend at the US box office.

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According to the collection analysis carried out by PostTrak (via The Hollywood Reporter), Space jam 2 debuted with USD $ 31.7 million raised in the North American country, exhibiting in 3,956 theaters, taking the first place at the box office from Black Widow –

87%. It is important to mention that the Scarlett Johansson film just had one of the most drastic drops for a Marvel film that, although it had a good debut, its income decreased 67% in its second weekend.

The first film in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe made just $ 26.3 million this weekend. Among the expectations of Warner Bros. they had considered that, in the middle of a pandemic, their film would debut with at least USD $ 20 million, which would not have been entirely good considering that the film was made with a budget of USD $ 150 million. So far the return of the Looney Tunes has raised $ 54.7 million worldwide.

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According to the report, his income abroad, that is, outside the United States, has been USD $ 23 million. This collection has been the best opening for a family title during the pandemic, and 61% of the audience who have purchased tickets for the film are reported to be under the age of 25, while 49% are under the age of 17 and a majority of men as spectators.

In the same country, Black widow has generated a total of USD $ 132 million accumulated, generating a worldwide total of USD $ 264 million, adding to it the USD $ 60 million generated by the film with the Disney Plus Premier Access gives an approximate total of USD $ 324 million. It should be remembered that the first version of Space jam debuted with an approximate USD $ 27 million in the United States, this without doing the inflation calculations.

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