Spotify, how to improve the audio quality of your favorite songs?

At first, the war between streaming music services, like Spotify or Apple Music, it was in their catalog. But like today everyone has everything, the war has passed to other areas. On the one hand, the rivalry for having exclusive podcasts. And on the other hand, offer the best quality of music in songs that you can hear or perceive with your ears.

At the time of this writing, Apple Music already includes lossless songs and Dolby Atmos. At the same price as up to now. For its part, Spotify announced its equivalent, Spotify HiFi, which has to arrive at the end of the year.

But in the meantime, Spotify is what it is. And if you have a good internet connection you can enjoy your favorite music with the best possible quality. Also, it is simpler than it sounds. Let’s see how to make it done.

Adjusting the quality of music on Spotify

By default, Spotify offers audio quality. That quality varies depending on two factors: your Spotify plan, free or paid, and the internet speed offered by your connected device. The version of Spotify you use also has an influence.

For example. The maximum speed of the Spotify web player is 128 Kbits free and 256 Kbits paid. But if you use Spotify for PC, Mac, iOS or Android, the highest quality you will get is 160 Kbits free and 320 Kbits paid. In the case of podcasts, the quality is 96 Kbits. Interestingly, the web player goes up to 128 Kbits.

From there, to get the best quality by default, you will have to go to Setting. Depending on the platform, getting there may vary slightly. All versions of Spotify include this option except the web player.

Once in Setting, we are going to Audio quality. By default, the automatic mode is usually activated, which adapts to the speed available at that moment. But if you know that you can achieve the best quality, choose by default high.

Spotify - Songs

Spotify’s equalizer to the rescue

Some time ago I dedicated an article to the Spotify equalizer. The equalizer has always been a very useful tool if you know how to use it. Hence, not everyone pays attention to him and prefers opt for the default options from your music player.

But dedicating a few minutes to it, the Spotify equalizer will help us to better enjoy your favorite songs, enhancing instruments and sounds depending on the type of music that is playing.

Available for iOS and Android, you will find the equalizer in Settings> Music quality> Equalizer. That on Android. On iOS, the path is Settings> Playback> Equalizer.

From there, you can choose one of the styles, templates, or profiles based on the prevailing musical style or instruments. The downside is that you will have to change the equalizer settings if you alternate between musical styles.

Regulating the volume level

Another aspect of Spotify that you may want to control is the volume of your music. That is, each song has its own volume, and although all music should sound at the same level, Is not always that way. To avoid surprises if you wear headphones, you can activate the function Audio normalization.

You will find this option in Settings> Playback. As with quality, you can choose between High, Normal Y Under. This aspect does not affect the quality of your songs. Yes, on the other hand, it will make the volume always the same between song and song.

Depending on whether you are at home by yourself or if you have gone for a walk or a run in the open air, or you go by public transport at rush hour, it will be convenient to use one volume or another by default in Spotify in order to do so not lose detail of your music because of external noise. And if you have a noise canceling headphones, better.

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