The bulk of the Spanish Olympic team arrives in Tokyo five days before the Olympics

07/18/2021 at 1:39 PM CEST


The bulk of the Spanish Olympic team arrived in Tokyo this Sunday, with five days remaining until the opening of the Olympic Games, and after the mishap that delayed their departure from the peninsula for hours.

A group of 221 people, a large part of the national delegation, landed at Narita International Airport, northwest of Tokyo, at 18:57 local time (9:57 GMT), as confirmed by the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) it’s a statement.

The flight in which the Olympic expedition was traveling left six and a half hours late due to the excess weight of the sports teams (about 27,000 kilos) and the high temperatures in Madrid, which at the time of the initially planned takeoff exceeded 40 degrees.

Among the team members who arrived in the Asian country today are the president of the COE, Alexander White; the Secretary General, Victoria Cabezas; as well as a large number of athletes, coaches, COE workers and members of the Olympic family.

These participants are added to those of the first expedition of 130 people that reached Japanese soil last Friday “and that are already counting the days until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games start,” the Olympic body said in the text.

Other athletes and staff from the Spanish delegation have been in the archipelago for weeks, such as the canoeing team, which has been training in the town of Oshu, northeast of Tokyo, since the beginning of this month.

Spain participates in the Olympic Games. Tokyo, which is scheduled to open on July 23, with a total of 321 athletes.

The arrival of the bulk of the Spanish Olympic team occurs on the same day that the organizers of the international sports competition reported the detection of the first positives in covid-19 among the athletes residing in the Olympic Village.

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