The Continental, prequel to John Wick, will be a three-film event and not a TV series

Lionsgate continues to work on expanding the John Wick franchise even though there hasn’t been much heard about it lately. The news comes thanks to an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter where it is confirmed how the story will reach fans of the franchise and who will be its director. Under the name of The Continental, the new John Wick will be a prequel that will explore this property several decades before what was seen in the film that hit theaters in 2014 and that has added two sequels and an ambitious future ahead.

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It has been confirmed that The Continental It will not be a single prequel but rather a series of prequels that will be released over the course of 3 nights as feature film installments. According to what is said by that medium, each one will last approximately 90 minutes and it is mentioned that they have a budget of more than US $ 20 million, which is believed to be for each one due to everything that these action productions imply. The franchise originated in 2014, with a story that follows John Wick (Keanu Reeves) having left his days as a hit man behind. After a group of muggers break into his house, steal his car and kill the dog his late wife left him, he goes on the attack seeking revenge.

What apparently no one imagined is that the man who had been hurt is one of the most dangerous that you can find, so you can imagine the amount of blows, bullets and blood that may be involved. The prequel series was billed as a 3-night event to air on Starz, a premium American television channel. At the moment it has not been confirmed if it will arrive in Latin America by the same route, although it would be possible, nor has it been said on what date or if its launch would be simultaneously.

The Continental It will be directed by Albert Hughes (The Book of Secrets – 48%), who will officially be in charge of the first and third installments. At the moment no director has been incorporated for the second. Little is known about its plot, but we do know that it is set 40 years before the events of the John Wick films with New York City in the 1970s as a backdrop. The series is said to follow a much younger version of Winston, the character played by Ian McShane on the big screen.

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Winston is a hit man who creates a safe haven for nasty guys like him. McShane recently signed on to reprise the role in John wick 4 And these are not the only projects the studio is working on. The John Wick franchise has been a huge success for Lionsgate, as important as what The Hunger Games achieved – 84%, and has raised more than $ 600 million worldwide. The fourth film is in its production stage, while his team is also working on a fifth installment.

Chad Stahelski, the director of the first three films, was to be the director of the first episode of The Continental when it was announced that it was going to be a television series and not a movie series. However, it will be Hughes who takes over, perhaps because Stahelski is busy with the fourth John Wick movie. Although it has not been announced who will direct the second installment of the prequels, it could be possible that he will return to do the work.

Another of the franchise projects that is in expansion is Ballerina, a spin-off that will focus on the mysterious ballet group featured in John Wick 3: Parabellum –

98%, which is also already working on Lionsgate. What is known about this film is that its development began in 2017 and that Keanu reeves and Anjelica Huston, who played the director of the deadly dance academy, could appear in the story, and the protagonist’s name would be Rooney Brown.

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