The Flash: new images reveal Michel Keaton’s Batmobile and Batcave – .

The DC Extended Universe still has many plans for its characters, including Barry Allen, famous for being The Flash. The filming of his film continues to progress in the United Kingdom and from time to time images of the set are leaked on networks that fill the fans with emotion. Through social networks, some very special photographs have been shared that reveal the presence of Batman in the film; We’ve known for a long time that Michael Keaton will return as Bruce Wayne, and now we get a very special look at some of the most iconic elements of his character.

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Michael Keaton broke through as the Dark Knight in 1989 with Batman – 72%, a film that groomed superhero cinema as we know it now. Several of the character tapes have become true works of worship and more are on the way. Keaton He’s already working on his return as the Wayne heir, a much more mature and seasoned version, with unpredictable changes for the DC Extended Universe. Here the new approach to the set of The Flash with the Batmobile and the Batcave.

Behind the scenes footage for Flashpoint! The old car is back.

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The Flash It is one of the films that slowly took shape in the offices of Warner Bros. The DCEU sprinter had a somewhat difficult road to the consolidation of his solo adventure, with numerous directors and screenwriters parading and aspiring to the project. Grant Morrison and Ezra Miller worked for months on a script for the film inspired by the Flashpoint comic, yet when it was presented to company executives it was rejected hopelessly. But things take their course when it is time and we will inevitably have the character tape.

The hope of the DCEU fans is pinned on the movie of The Flash and with good reason. At this point we can say that the saga lacks a really solid structure and satisfactory development, being very far from an order of the Marvel Studios type, in which the main characters have been honored time and again with excellent decisions by the senior executives. At Warner Bros. they don’t seem to have much idea about the next steps but the public doesn’t lose hope that in the future they will do the right thing.

On the other hand, the same studio continues with the post-production of The batman, that movie located in a different universe that will give us another Bruce Wayne. The first trailer for the film was shown in August 2020, when Warner Bros. presented numerous previews of its projects at the online convention titled DC FanDome; Among them, the best received was that of the new film that will have Batman as its main star. Fans of the Gotham City superhero were fascinated by the definitive presentation of Robert Pattinson as the character and there are many who think that with him will come the best version of the Dark Knight on the big screen, are they correct? After long comings and goings caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and not a few rumors about the poor organization of the filming set, the film opens on March 4, 2022.

Now, it’s worth wondering if The Flash movie will be able to turn things around in the DC Extended Universe. Warner Bros. wants to say goodbye to some of its superhero incarnations and continue with others, but only the public has the final word on success or failure.

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