the gold of ‘La Rojita’ in Barcelona 92

07/19/2021 at 12:42 AM CEST


Friday, July 23

La Quinta de Cobi made history when nobody gave a penny for them. We are talking about the Spanish soccer team that in 1992 won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona. The team led by Vicente Miera, who months before had been dismissed from his position as absolute selector by failing to qualify the national team for the Eurocup, made a more than brilliant tournament winning the six games he played with a balance of 14 goals in favor and two against. The world was able to meet future stars such as Pep Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Santi Cañizares, Alfonso Pérez Muñoz or the impressive Kiko Narváez.

Spain had an impeccable tournament with a spectacular start to the championship, beating Colombia 4-0 with goals from Guardiola, Kiko, Berges and Luis Enrique. ‘La Rojita’ was intractable in that first phase played at the Luis Casanova stadium, Mestalla’s predecessor, achieving two additional wins 2-0 against Egypt and Qatar. Ours not only fell in love with their results, but their game was one of the brightest that is remembered in lower categories. The press even ventured to say that many of the young people present should be at the 1994 World Cup in the United States, as happened in the cases of Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Abelardo, Cañizares or Ferrer.

In the quarterfinals, Spain faced a team that was our particular black beast in the big tournaments: Italy. In a high-level match, Kiko again tipped the balance in favor of ‘La Rojita’ against a rival who at that time had future Calcio legends such as Albertini, Dino Baggio or Favalli. Vicente Miera’s boys were already in the battle for the medals in the duel against Ghana and won with another clean sheet 2-0 against the Africans. Berges and Abelardo gave a good account of the revelation of the tournament.

In the final Poland expected and a Camp Nou filled to the flag for the first time for Spain. The Slavs had defeated Italy 3-0 in the group stage and had beaten Australia 6-1 in the semifinals. The fear was evident in front of a great duo formed by Kowalczyk and Juskowiak. The Eastern European team made good the predictions, leaving beating the break 1-0. Spain reacted after the break after knowing the gold in the 1,500 of Fermín Cacho coinciding with the arrival of the Kings – applauded in the Barça Coliseum – to the field. Amavisca came in to be a dagger from the left and do all the danger from there.

Spain turned the result around in five minutes with goals from Abelardo and Kiko. Poland looked groggy, but a Spanish defensive error brought them back to life in the 75th minute after a goal from Staniek. With the game heading for extra time, our team put all the meat on the grill and just before minute 90 Kiko appeared again to unleash the madness at the Camp Nou after finishing a corner at the bottom of the meshes. ‘La Rojita’ ended a 28-year drought of titles in a tournament that was historic for all that it entailed. Then the absolute with Clemente, never reached these levels of brilliance for other reasons.

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