The Google calendar already specifies face-to-face or virtual attendance at a meeting

In person or virtual: the Google calendar already allows you to specify how to attend a meeting

Face-to-face or virtual attendance at Google Calendar meetings EUROPE PRESS

Meeting guests will have the option of confirming their presence in two ways

Initially the function will be available only through the Calendar app

Google Calendar has introduced a new feature thanks to which its users can specify not only if they will attend a meeting or event, but also confirm if they will virtually or in person.

This update aims to “make Google Calendar more flexible in hybrid work environments”, as the company has assured through a statement.

In addition to confirming whether the user will attend, will not attend or perhaps, as happened until now, Google Calendar invitations can now be answered by distinguishing whether the meeting will be attended virtually or in person.

Both event organizers and attendees will be able to view this information, so they can prepare and know what to expect before it starts, although it will not be shown to users of other platforms such as Outlook.

Initially the function will be available only through the Calendar app, but it is expected to arrive soon for Gmail invitations as well. Its dissemination will be among all Google accounts and gradually during the next 15 days.

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