The images of the total eclipse of the pink Super Moon, the only one in 2021

This is how we follow the only total lunar eclipse of the year live. The full moon in May, also called the Flower Moon, coincides with perigee, the time when the satellite is closest to Earth and with the eclipse, visible only in some parts of the planet. This Super Blood Moon leaves some spectacular images.

The eclipse was only visible in its entirety in eastern Australia. The total eclipse occurred at 11:11 UTC (13:11 Central European Time CET) and the moment of greatest coverage of the moon by the earth’s shadow took place at 11:18 UTC (13:18 UTC European Central).

In the video above we show the complete broadcast of the astronomical phenomenon.

The signal comes from the Griffith Observatory in California. The night was somewhat cloudy and scientists are switching between images from their telescope and from a camera.

The European Space Agency has also prepared a special program to monitor the phenomenon.

Most of the total eclipse took place over the Pacific Ocean. It was partially observed in parts of America and Asia.

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