The jerseys of the new NBA signings

The best basketball competition in the world is about to begin. October 23 the ball will rise to the sky of Toronto so that the current champion, the Raptors and the New Orleans Pelicans, open a new season that promises to be more fun than the previous one and above all much more equal with many teams that are competing for the title. The last game played was on June 14, when the Canadian team beat the Warriors in the NBA Finals.. Although the summer was very entertaining with the Basketball World Cup, the fans of this sport are looking forward to seeing the best players in action again.

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During this past summer there have been a lot of movements and transfers of players. In a market with great professionals being free agents, many teams, which last year did not enter the pools to win the championship ring, this year they are among the favorites thanks to these signings.

Despite the fact that last year the title was taken by a team from the Eastern conference, again the big favorites are the teams from West. Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers, Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors They are the teams that will fight to be in the NBA final in the Western conference. Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76, Brooklyn and Boston are the favorites in the Eastern conference.

If you still haven’t found out which important players have changed teams or if you already know and can’t wait any longer to buy their jersey, here you will find the new kits for this season with the most striking signings of this summer.


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One of the franchises that has made the most important moves this summer is the Brooklyn team. Two of the NBA stars have joined his project to try to get their first ring in history. Irving trades Boston for New York and Durant He leaves one of the franchises that have made history in recent years, the Golden State Warriors, to try to write the first page of glory for the franchise. Durant will be out for much of the season with an Achilles tendon injury.

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Walker t-shirt

Don’t miss out on the jersey of the team with the most rings in the NBA

One of the teams with the most history of all NBA competition is the Boston Celtic. This franchise can boast of being the team that has the most titles in all history, one above the Los Angeles Lakers. After losing one of its franchise players, Irving, the green team is replenished with one of the guards that stood out the most last season, Kemba Walker, which will try to make Irving forget to take the team to the final of the competition.


Al Horford T-Shirt

Philadelphia adds the pivot it needed to fight for the finals

If before there was talk of one of the best teams in the NBA, one of the players who has just left the Boston franchise is center Al Horford. The Dominican player is one of the most complete interior players in the entire competition. The pivot arrives in Philadelphia to complement a team of great players, but very young, to try to take the step they need to fight to be in the final of the eastern conference.


Jimmy Butler T-shirt

Miami wants to go back to the top. Do not stay without his new shirt

One of the most talented players in the NBA, but one who does not end up curdling in any franchise is Jimmy Butler. Outside player leaves Philadelphia after a rather disappointing year for the franchise and fly to Miami to try to return the Heat to the top positions of the ranking, after going through a few years without being among the top candidates for the title. Since the departure of Lebron James, Miami has not managed to be among the top teams. Butler’s arrival increases the team’s potential.


Westbrook T-shirt

Houston just put together one of the NBA’s deadliest couples

The NBA is the best basketball competition on the planet because the best players in the world play there. One of the most recognized and named bases is Russell Westbrook. The player who averages triple-doubles in recent seasons, leaves OKC to head to Houston to meet again with Harden and form one of the most feared couples in the NBA. The Rockets, with this move, are one of the big favorites to win the championship at the end of the season.


Russell t-shirt

The Warriors are already a legendary franchise. Get the shirt of his new signing

One of the best franchises in recent years is the Golden State Warriors. The current runners-up have lost potential after the Durant and Iguodala marches. To make up for these absences, they have decided to complete the team with the arrival of D’Angelo Russell. This player is one of those who has to grow the most this season and is among those called to lead the best players in the championship in the future. A strong bet by the Warriors to try to win a new NBA ring again.


Leonard and Paul George T-shirt

The last MVP of the finals changes teams. Do not stay without his shirt

Many teams spend a lot of money paying high salaries to players to fight for the championship, but ultimately they fail to be among the best. The Los Angeles Clippers have tried for years to be at the top, but have not succeeded. This year they hope to take the final step with the signing of the last MVP of the NBA finals, Kawhi Leonard and one of the best players in the championship such as Paul George. The Los Angeles team thus brings together one of the most lethal duos in the championship.

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Davis T-shirt

The Lakers have built a formidable team. Get the Davis shirt

This season the NBA spotlights will point to Los Angeles. Not only have the Clippers strengthened this summer, the other team in town, and the best known, The Lakers have added to their squad one of the best centers in the championship, Anthony Davis. Lebron James adds to his team one of the most sought-after players in the market to gather in Los Angeles a dream team to fight to conquer the ring and close again a successful adventure as he already achieved in Cleveland and Miami.


Best selling NBA jerseys

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Many teams have strengthened very well this summer to add troops and artillery to their squad. Players seen before are sure to have a lot of impact during the seasonEither because they make a great championship and help their team to achieve their goals or achieve individual titles or one of them may be in the spotlight because they have not achieved what was expected of them.

Despite the large number of movements that have occurred this summer, every team is based on a squad and a group of players already created. Many of the championship stars are still on their teams and they hope that with the new signings they will increase the potential of their squad and help them win the ring. Don’t miss out on the jerseys of the best NBA players. These players sold the most jerseys last year: Lebron James, Curry, Antetokoumpo and Embiid.

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* All purchase prices included in this article are updated as of 10-10-2019.

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