The juicy salary of Mercadona’s doctors

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Mercadona’s salaries are well regarded by the vast majority of Spaniards in any of their different staff positions. Normally, the company’s job offers focus on different vacancies to be filled in its stores (cashier, restocker, delivery person …), but for medical personnel the economic conditions are well above the national average.

According to information released by the ABC last June, a doctor in Spain can have an average salary of 53,000 euros per year, figures much lower than those recorded in France (95,000 per year) or Germany (125,000). That is why many professionals, at the end of the MIR, decide to leave our country.

In addition, it depends on the autonomous community, the average salary of doctors varies. The aforementioned newspaper refers to a table from the Study Center of the Medical Union of Granada, according to which Ceuta and Melilla is the Spanish region where a doctor receives the most money per month, with an average of 6,423 gross euros. On the opposite side are professionals from the Canary Islands, with an average gross of 4,745 euros.

In this sense, Mercadona offers from the beginning a base salary of 45,812 euros, regardless of the area in which you hold the position. To this must be added the rise for each year of seniority in the company, as occurs in all their positions, until the annual amount to be received stabilizes at 69,546, as stated in the last offer uploaded to the InfoJobs portal in Barcelona.

This means that in just four years working for Mercadona, a doctor would already far exceed the average salary of his sector in Spain, both public and private, the latter located, for example, in Madrid, taking into account all Indeed job offers, at 31,923 euros per year. A candy that few can resist.

All this without counting that in March, to reach objectives, Mercadona distributes a large premium among its employees, which for those who have reached four or more years of seniority, is an extra sum of twice their monthly salary. In the case of doctors who meet this requirement, that month the total economic sum amounts to more than 17,000 euros according to previously disclosed data.

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Besides, Mercadona does not require previous experience to fill one of its vacancies with an indefinite contract. Requirements include availability to travel, time availability from Monday to Saturday, driver’s license and own vehicle, as well as other endowments rooted in character. Obviously, you need a degree or a bachelor’s degree in Medicine and specialists in Occupational Medicine have an advantage.

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