The keys that can mark the sprint race of the F1 British GP

The long-awaited day has arrived. Today the long-awaited sprint classification opens, a new heat that will last 17 laps, a third compared to tomorrow’s race, which will F1 put to the test to give a greater show to the fight for pole. Today’s appointment will determine the order of tomorrow’s grid and hides many important keys that can mark the success or failure of the pilots.

Will Hamilton and Max risk it?

In today’s date, Hamilton Y Verstappen he has a lot to gain, but a lot more to lose. The pole is played and the points awarded to the first three (3 to the first, two to the second and one to the third). And in such a tight World Cup, either of them can miss the slightest point at the end of the course to win the title. They could both go straight from the start, but very carefully. A mistake or an incident can put either of them at the back of the grid for tomorrow’s race, where the big cake of points is distributed. Risk or wait for Sunday, that is the question.

Verstappen, at the 2021 F1 British GP

What will Alonso and Sainz do?

Fernando Alonso, with a car one step behind those who lead the middle zone, every weekend aspires to the points as the maximum goal. Will do it again this time, but having a qualifying race can give you a double chance of maximizing your result. Is Unot one of the best starts is starring in all of F1 this year and with him start from today and that of morning you can choose to win places you can’t get at a turn or at the race pace of your Alpine.

Fernando Alonso can maximize his result with his departure

Fernando Alonso can maximize his result with his departure

For its part, Carlos Sainz could also be more aggressive in the first corners to be able to win some key positions in the face of a Sunday in which Ferrari is expected to suffer greater degradation than its rivals.

Can there be surprises?

The pilots who have the worst position with respect to their real objectives are the ones who have the least to lose in this race, and therefore, those who could risk the most in the sprint test. For example, you could do it Pierre Gasly, which comes out just behind Alonso in 12th position. Of course, those who play it the most should do so with an eye on the budget. Any damage to a F1 it can mean an unnecessary outlay of money for each team in the midst of a crisis, and even more so with a race ahead of them tomorrow. Although many will try to risk, they know that they cannot afford blunders for the sake of the pocket of their outfits.

Pilots like Gasly won't settlePilots like Gasly won’t settle

What tires will they use?

there is a free choice of tires for today. The soft tires shouldn’t be enough To cover a distance of 17 laps on a track where the wheels are so degraded, and to reach the end, if someone takes a chance with them, they should have a huge performance drop at the end. With so few turns, the idea is that in this race nobody goes through the pits. Thus, the most logical option seems to be to go out with the medium rubber. For tomorrow, the drivers will no longer have to go out with the tires they used in Q2.

Will these races stay?

This format of Big prize will be evaluated and tested, with possible changes, again in Monza and Interlagos. At the moment, yesterday he managed that on a Friday, a day in which there are normally no fans, the stands of Silverstone fill up. Today we will have to see if the drivers are conservative or show a show, a key test to decide if sprint races are definitively implemented in 2022.

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