The main news of the day in Miami and South Florida – Telemundo Miami (51)

Today is Wednesday July 14 and these are the main news of the day:

1.- Singing the national anthem of Cuba, with posters and flags, hundreds of Cubans took the Palmetto Highway to support the people of the island who are asking for freedom and to ask the United States government for help. Others demonstrated in front of the Southern Command headquarters, calling for a military intervention.

2.- The authorities reinforced security last night in the vicinity of the Southern Command headquarters in Doral, where hundreds of Cuban protesters arrived to request actions in favor of the freedom of their compatriots. Earlier, another of the largest demonstrations occurred in front of the Cuban Memorial in Tamiami Park.

3.- Singing ‘Patria y Vida’ and honking their horns, dozens of truckers joined the protests on Okeechobee Road and 95th Street, in Hialeah Gardens. Some stopped their vehicles on the side of the road and others did it in the middle of the road to support the Cuban people in their historic protests.

4.- The Coast Guard reiterated to those who plan to demonstrate in waters near Cuba that it is dangerous to jump into the sea like this and warned of possible acts of illegal migration. Dozens of people who plan to set sail this weekend in a flotilla agreed to request permission and custody from the authorities, to go out into international waters and detonate fireworks near Cuba.

5.- ‘I want my free Cuba’, wrote the singer Gloria Estefan in an Instagram message that accompanies a video of the protests, while the actor Andy García called for equity and respect with the label ‘Patria y Vida , the fight continues. ‘ William Levy joined the list of celebrities who raised their voices for the island to regain freedom.

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