The Suicide Squad: James Gunn explained why he didn’t want Joker, but did want Bloodsport on film – .

One of the most hated elements of the Suicide Squad – 25% was the Joker. That was for two reasons. To his extravagant appearance that was not liked by absolutely anyone since he was an irrelevant character that almost did not appear in the film. The character reappeared in the Snyder Cut with a design that fans liked much more. Some fans would have liked to see him in The Suicide Squad. For better or for worse that is something that was not going to happen.

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James Gunn had long said that he had no intention of including him in his version of this famous team of supervillains. In a recent interview for The New York Times (via Comic Book) the director revealed why the character did not fit in with his film. In addition, he explained why he wanted to put Idris Elba’s character, Bloodsport, in the film and said that he is the real protagonist:

Joker, no. I just don’t know why Joker would be in The Suicide Squad. He would not be helped in that kind of war situation. Will… I really wanted to work with Idris. It is a film with multiple protagonists. We are going for a while with Margo and Daniel Melchior is the heart of the film in many ways. But if there is a protagonist, it is Idris. And I wanted someone who had the badass ‘unforgivable’ kind of feeling in his way of being. This guy who’s been reduced from being a great supervillain – he brought Superman down from the sky – to picking gum off the floor at the beginning of the movie. He absolutely wants nothing to do with it — he’s just accepted that this is his life. And I think that character is Idris Elba.

Recently the director had already revealed that the actor exceeded all his expectations:

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I rarely write roles for actors I’ve never met, but I did exactly that for Idris Elba in The Suicide Squad and I couldn’t be happier I did – you exceeded my expectations as an actor and as a human being. I can’t wait for people to see you as Bloodsport.

The director recently revealed in an interview for Heroic Hollywood what was the logic he followed to kill the characters in his film. There he said that a couple of deaths moved him. Will Bloodsport be one of them?

It’s fun to watch people die. Sometimes it was something really organic. I mean, I had to choose which DC characters to use and I had a great repertoire to choose from. Some characters, I knew from the beginning that they were going to die. And there are others that I was not sure if they were going to die or not. So obviously I chose some characters that I knew were going to die. And we see that running through the movie. And it was simply a matter of choosing different characters for different reasons. I wanted it to be a very broad spectrum of DC character types so that I could have someone cool and a little bit, you know, angry, like a dark character, like Bloodsport, but also someone completely crazy, who was apparently ridiculous, but someone who could be given a soul, like Polka-Dot Man. And also someone who was incredibly useless like Javelin, who goes to a machine gun fight with a javelin among all possible weapons. And then an alien, Mongal, and so have all these different characters and see what happened. Some of these characters surprised me. Some of those who survived did not know they were going to make it. As you progress further in the film, some of the deaths that occur later in the film still break my heart. Every time I see her, there are two characters in particular who make my eyes watery when they die… It still kills me. There are two characters that die later that gave an amazing performance, in their best moments you stay from ‘Oh my God’ and they are such good subjects, too. It was organic. I’m just following the story. And the story told it all to me. Whatever the story needed at the time, I didn’t resist. And, you know, in a way, it’s weird, because I love these characters. And in another way, it’s weird because I’m Amanda Waller. I am pressing the button for these characters. Since it serves our purpose as an audience to watch them die. It was an interesting experience. And it was very funny, it was very liberating to be able to kill whoever I wanted to kill.

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