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Corsair One Pro i199 Concept: the art of compactness

Even if Corsair has not provided measurements of its latest compact equipment, the truth is that it is an achievement to be able to include in dimensions little larger than a ITX common features that the Corsair engineering team has managed to bring together in its new One Pro i199.

We talk about the best of the best, both for gaming and video editing or any other common and professional task for a single team.

And it has included a Intel Core i9-9980X with their 18 cores and 36 threads at 4.5 GHz with a whole NVIDIA TITAN RTX, everything on a plate that we understand must be ITX (The specific model is unknown, but it could be the ASRock X299E-ITX) where they have also added 64 GB of your Vengeance modules in SO-DIMM.


To keep temperatures at bay, Corsair has included two AIO liquid cooling systems for each component, so these should be kept in a safe range even with the small chassis.

The rest of the specifications are completed with a 1TB NVM SSDe, specific model not disclosed, a power supply Corsair SF750 with certification Platinum and as fans you will have about Corsair ML140, of which the number of them is also unknown.

Stream Deck XL


Corsair has not stopped there, but has also launched an accessory to improve the retransmission and personalization of our streaming called Stream Deck XL. This accessory contains a touch screen with 32 LCD keys Fully customizable, where we can launch one or several actions by simply touching each key on the screen, we can even do it by touching several at the same time, since it is multi-touch.


The response to each keystroke is visual, so that we will know if the configured action has been executed or if there is a problem with it, or we have simply made the wrong keystroke. Its configuration will be very simple, since as we do on smartphones, we will only have to drag and drop.

To prevent it from moving, it will have a non-slip magnetic support that we can place anywhere on the table or even on our tower if it were made of metal.


Among the software that we can find to use with this Stream Deck XL, it’s found Elgato Game Capture, OBS, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify and others.

Both in the case of Corsair One Pro i199 Concept like that of Stream Deck XL, the brand has not revealed prices or availability for the market, where of course the i199 may arrive under other specifications and even another name.

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