They are the reinforcements that join EXATLON 5 USA.

Telemundo The new reinforcements of Exatlon USA

The fifth season of the Telemundo sports reality show, Exatlon United States, has an invariable factor since its beginning at the beginning of the year, it is absolutely unpredictable! It is that among so many injuries, expulsions, sanctions, new circuits and reinforcements that reach a little more than a month after its end, there is no doubt that this edition will be one to remember, as it kept us all in suspense even days after meeting the winner of the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet”.

New reinforcements arrive

This is something that has caught the attention of Exatlon United States fans, even since the previous round led by Andoni García and Wilmarie Negrón arrived, who are still very well positioned, they are bringing reinforcements at the wrong time! is what many say, claiming that it would be unfair to the participants who are from the beginning battling for glory in the fierce sands of the Dominican Republic.

As incredible as it may seem, recently there were two girls who joined, one for the Contestants and another for the Famous, they are Génesis Romero and Diana Juarez, respectively, who are already making points and contributing to their teams, facing the individual fights.

Now, next Sunday of the fight for permanence, it will be a very special one where two gentlemen will join the competition, they are Luis Carpizo and Dennis Hernández. These two athletes introduce themselves to the teams and will begin by competing against each other. The two teams will be studying and observing the races of the reinforcements from the benches. Then they will play between the two teams. The team that wins will have the right to choose who they want for their team, the other would go directly to the other team.

As it is not going to know if they will be in Reds or Blues until they are chosen by the teams, the reinforcements will be dressed in black clothes. (The same dynamic that was done with women last Sunday).

Do not miss this conversation that the presenter of the competition, Frederik Oldenburg, had with both athletes:

Meet the new gentlemen who join Exatlon United States

Dennis Hernandez

Dennis is a rugby player at Columbia University, where he studies economics with a concentration in Latin American studies, as well as serving in the United States Army for three and a half years. Dennis is also a part-time fitness and lifestyle model.

Born in Honduras, his family moved to Chelsea, Massachusetts when he was 10 years old. He grew up in a city full of violence but sports kept him off the streets. Dennis played basketball, football, volleyball, and is now on the rugby team at his college.

Dennis comes from a large family – he has four sisters and two brothers. His parents and most of his family live in Massachusetts and are big fans of Exatlón United States.

Luis Carpizo

Luis Carpizo is a Mexican fitness model who has practiced American football as an attacking player, in addition to being a personal trainer. Luis is a very active athlete and likes to practice different types of sports.

For Luis, competing in Exatlón United States is a personal challenge and he believes that this experience will be very beneficial for his professional career as a personal trainer.

Luis has two brothers and his family was the one who motivated him to compete in Exatlón United States.

Welcome Warriors!

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