“They could have disqualified Hamilton”

After yesterday’s race, sparks flew between Red bull and Mercedes for the accident between Verstappen and Hamilton. For the father of the Dutch driver, there is no doubt: “They could have disqualified Hamilton. Max gave him space and was behind him, you can’t overtake inside then, ”the pilot’s father told the newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’.

In that line the Red Bull team boss Chris Horner. “I think Lewis misjudged, they penalized him for it, but the penalty was negligible compared to the consequence of his action. I think it was a tremendous impact, we were lucky that he did not suffer an injury. It seemed like a desperate maneuver on Lewis’s part.. The pilots should know that you can’t go inside in Copse where it goes 290 km / h “, commented on ‘DAZN F1’.

“It has been disappointing. Every driver knows that you can’t put a wheel inside the Copse. That is a huge accident. The curve was 100% Max, so as far as I know, the fault is Lewis Hamilton, who should never have been in that position, “added Horner for televisions.

“Max is fine and that’s the most important thing. It was a very strong impact, 51 G, but luckily he was aware at all times. He was a little short of breath. He has some bruises and is in the hospital to have a check-up as a precaution and we await the results, “concluded the leader of the Milton Keynes team.

Marko asked for the suspension of Hamilton

“The incident is in the hands of the stewards, who will look at it from all angles. Max is in shock. I do not know what is the maximum penalty that commissioners can impose. It has been very dangerous, it should be suspended. It is clear. The opponent hits Max’s rear wheel with his front wheel, this is not a racing incident. It is a dangerous attitude ”, said the advisor of Red Bull, Helmut Marko, in statements to ‘Sky Germany’.

Wolff defends Hamilton

To the other side, Toto Wolff, Mercedes boss, defended his pilot. “I think two don’t dance if one doesn’t want to. They have fought hard in the first half of the lap. There is a rule that says that if your front tire has exceeded half the other car, it is your curve, “said Wolff. What the Austrian did not say is that Hamilton was going on the wrong line in a very high speed curve, where it is very dangerous to carry out this type of maneuver.

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