They launch a Shazam for birds that allows you to identify which species it is by its song

People who live in contact with nature have a certain fluency in identifying the sounds of local animals, but – let’s be honest – most of us can’t tell a starling from a magpie.

One more time, technology comes to our aid to make life easier thanks to a new application that will delight ornithology fans.

Erithacus rubecula or European robin: Can you recognize it by its song?

Erithacus rubecula or European robin: could you recognize it by its song?

Marline is the name that the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology He has put his creation. It is an app equipped with Artificial Intelligence designed to help both amateurs and experts to identify birds by the sound they emit.

The operation is very similar to that of the popular Shazam: all the user has to do is record the bird’s song that interests you and the application reveals its common name and scientific name.

What AI does is transform sound into a graph called a spectrogram. He then analyzes it and compares it to a huge database of spectrograms of known species that Cornell’s lab has been collecting.

In addition to singing recognition, the app also allows you to search for a species based on its appearance through a series of simple questions such as its size, its color or the place where it has been sighted. No more saying that you hear “little birds”: now you can impress your friends by saying that what sounds is the song of, for example, Erithacus rubecula and look like an expert.

V & # xed; a Merlin AppV & # xed; a Merlin App

Via Merlin App

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