What has been the worst failure that your PC has given?

Close your eyes for a moment, take a little trip back in time and try to remember what was the worst failure that your PC has given. It doesn’t have to be your current PC, it can be a PC from any era, even the first one you had. Yes, the one who received so much punishment because you were an inexperienced young man who screwed up frequently. Take it easy, you were the only one.

In my case, the truth is that I am quite lucky in this regard. My PCs haven’t really given any particularly serious crashes, at least not by themselves. Making memory, the worst failure i remember was a power supply which, unfortunately, was defective. The thing was very simple, I had assembled, by parts, a PC configured with:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8200. I managed to get it up to 3.3 GHz with no problem, and it had a very long lifespan. GeForce 9600 GT graphics card with 512MB GDDR3 memory. 2GB of RAM, which I later expanded to 4GB. 250 GB hard drive. 480 watt Xilence power supply.

It did not have any type of imbalance, in fact the source exceeded the needs of the PC without problem, but one morning I went to turn it on and the team gave no response. As it was a new assembly, the first thing I thought was that the source had died, and as soon as I took it to the technical service I could confirm it. When connecting another source, the equipment worked perfectly.

I was quite lucky, since the worst failure that a PC has given me was not particularly serious, that is, the source “died alone”, she did not take any components with her. Interestingly, they installed a new unit of the same model and it continues to perform like a champion to this day. That is why I always say that we cannot condemn a manufacturer for a defective product, all components have a certain failure rate, and you may be unlucky enough to have to deal with them.

And you, what has been the worst failure that your PC has given you?

The truth is that I have been tempted to choose, as the worst failure, the one that made my SSDs disappear, but I have not done it because it did not seem fair. Said failure was motivated by Windows 10 updates, and not because of a problem associated with the hardware, so that’s why I preferred to rule it out.

Now it’s your turn, we read each other in the comments.

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