Who are the “Summer Bodies” of EXATLON 5 USA?

Telemundo Kelvin Renteria returns to Team Contendientes in the fifth season of Exatlon USA.

There is a factor that remains unchanged in Exatlon United States, and that is that since its participants are consummate athletes, they have enviable figures that are very well cared for with a perfect combination of nutrition, exercise and even a lot of rest. And is that to successfully cross “the fiercest sands on the planet”, and endure long days with heart attack circuits, you have to stay in optimal physical and mental condition, something that Exatlon USA athletes understand very well.

The “Summer Bodies” of Exatlon United States

There is no doubt that in order to complete the different challenges of a competition like Exatlon United States, athletes must have an optimal physical condition that goes hand in hand with the strategies they apply to advance within the competition. Each athlete, prior to being selected to be part of either of the two teams in the Telemundo sports reality show, already has a sports career that will allow them to follow the extreme conditions of this battle for glory and incredible prizes.

We have seen many athletes once they leave Exatlon United States share their arduous routines to maintain their figures and parallel to this maintain good health. Such is the case of the famous and much loved Chuy Almada. The Team Contendientes bull constantly shares routines through his Instagram profile and YouTube channel, where together he already exceeds one million followers, who appreciate the motivation of the Exatlon United States warrior.

Chuy Almada’s influence has been so great among his followers that one of them wrote the following message: “The truth is, I have subscribed for about a month, before I met you I weighed 120 kilos. Right now I’m at 98 kilos, but I got to a point where I felt stagnant. Right now, with almost 1 month of training with you routines such as Adios Barriga or training the abdomen at home, I am already at 90 kilos, and believe me for the first time in my life I see the silhouette of my six pack Chuy you are a great person, pure inspiration PS: I fulfilled all the routine greetings from Panama Crack. “

Here we share a sample of what Chuy shares, who always assures that his mission is to “Change a million lives”:


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But if we go to the athletes who are currently in the Dominican Republic, giving everything in the current season of Exatlon United States, Telemundo wanted to know a little more about how they maintain that figure, and they revealed a lot.

Under the slogan of great perseverance and discipline, figures such as Jacobo García, Horacio Gutierrez Jr, and even “El Vaquero” Kelvin Noeh Renteria, shared their secrets that are summarized in three key points: not to lose heart, good nutrition and a lot of rest, this combination It would be the perfect one to achieve those summer bodies that take them by force of a lot of work and focus.

There is no doubt that these athletes are not only an example of physical strength, but also of mental focus, since they are dedicated not only in their circuits, but also in keeping their bodies and their health in the best possible state that allows them to continue succeeding in its different disciplines and in life in general.

Forward, warriors!

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