Who is the judge of the controversial card against Castaño, and the best memes

The failure of the fight Come in Brian Brown Y Jermell charlo it generated a lot of discontent and it still continues to make people talk. It is that beyond the tie by split decision, in a match in the one that Boxi was the main dominator from the beginning, despite the American’s reaction in the 10th and 11th rounds that made the Argentine stagger, which generated even more discord was the controversial card of judge Nelson Vázquez, who not only gave up the fight to Charlo, but above he saw an exaggerated 111-117 in favor of the local.

When the ruling was known, the name of the Puerto Rican referee quickly became a trend in social networks and was the focus of the main criticisms of Internet users, mostly Argentines, but also from many specialized international media. Although it was a close fight and even many agreed that it could have been for either of them, the wide difference in Vázquez’s card was what generated the most controversy.

The 69-year-old Puerto Rican He was a judge of the match with Tim Cheatham (from Nevada), who decreed the 114-114, and Steve Weisfeld (from New Jersey), the only referee who saw Castaño as the winner by 114-113. Vázquez began his career as a professional judge in 1987 and has been in the forefront of boxing for more than three decades.

Less than a month ago, he was also the protagonist of another controversy when scored 96-93 in favor of Efetobor Apochi, when in reality Brandon glanton he had been a clear winner. In fact, this was confirmed by John Mariano (95-94) and Mike Fitzgerald (95-94), the other two judges of the fight.

Regarding his task as a referee in fights that had other Argentine boxers as protagonists, Vázquez was present in the defeat of Daniela Bermúdez against the Puerto Rican Amanda Serrano on March 25 of this year. That day, La Bonita was knocked out in the ninth round in the fight for the WBO and WBC featherweight world titles.

In his favor, it must be said that on December 14, 2013, it was one of the three judges who gave Marcos Maidana the winner against American Adrien Broner for the WBA welterweight world title. And he was also in the defeat of Diego la Joya Chaves vs. Keith Thurman (KO 10), for the interim WBA welterweight title.

The numbers also saw Castaño as the winner.

According to CompuBox, Charlo landed 151 of 533 (28.3%) in the fight compared to 173 of 586 (29.5%) for Castaño. The Boxi had a small advantage in percentage of connected power shots: 164 out of 400 (41%) compared to 98 out of 246 for Charlo (39.8%). While the American had more effective jabs than his rival, landing 53 of 287 (18.5%) compared to 9 of 186 for Castaño (4.8%).

The controversial cards.

The funniest memes

As usually happens after an event of these characteristics, especially taking into account the final ruling, social networks were filled with memes and Nelson Vázquez was the main one pointed out by users, who dedicated the funniest images to him. Next, we invite you to review some of them.


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