An Israeli “cybersecurity” company harassed activists and journalists with its software

07/19/2021 at 09:35 CEST

NSO Group is a cybersecurity company that has received great criticism due to how unethical his actions were. New findings could have revealed the extent of misuse of NSO Gruop’s software in focusing on personalities from the world of journalism and activism to persecute and extort them. The Washington Post has shared an investigation by multiple partners that NSO’s Pegasus software was used to successfully hack 37 phones, including journalists, activists, and the two women closest to the strangely murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The victims were on a 2016 list of 50,000 phone numbers from countries believed to carry out extensive surveillance of those. elements that they consider contrary to the regime like Hungary and Saudi Arabia. The list included 1,000 people who obviously did not fit the criminal targets envisaged by the softwareand, including more than 600 politicians, 189 journalists, 85 human rights activists, and 65 business executives.

NSO strongly denied the claims arising from the investigation.n. He maintained that the information “had no factual basis” and rejected the notion that Pegasus was used to attack Khashoggi or his associates.. He argued that he closed access to unethical countries “several times” because of past abuses, and that the list was too large to focus solely on the numbers his client countries would have targeted.

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