ANC headphones, the best with noise cancellation

The ANC, acronym for Active Noise Canceling, is a technology that is used in headphones, well, some of them. Noise cancellation allows you to isolate the sound frequencies that cause sound distortion, in such a way that the listening is much purer. Noise cancellation is generated by speakers and microphones, which manage to emit a frequency similar to the one that causes the interference, canceling it.

This technology has been used in high-end headphones, but it is already known that costs are gradually getting cheaper. In this way, it is possible get headphones with ANC for little money. And there is quite a difference, so they are always a great investment for those looking for a better sound experience.

The ANC headphones that you can already buy

Ugreen HiTune 2

These headphones are quite cheap, 45 euros on Amazon, and have ANC thanks to its 4 microphones. Inspired by Apple AirPods, their water resistance protects them from splashes or rain. They have an autonomy of 20 hours and with only 15 minutes in their charging case you have for an hour of playback. Perhaps it is the most interesting economic option.

AirPods Pro

Launched in 2019, they represent Apple’s revision to its first and second generation AirPods. His noise cancellation is spectacular, which is further enhanced by the silicone pads. 24 hours of autonomy and a price that is usually around 200 euros on sites like Amazon. If you are an Apple user, it goes without saying that compatibility is absolute.

AirPods MAX

Apple’s latest creation shoots up to 629 euros. And no, they are not the most expensive on the market. Apple has managed to put into circulation some Headband headphones whose ANC is brutal. They connect automatically to your Apple device and if there is a word to define them, it is AWESOME. Well balanced, with a balanced mids, non-shrill highs and powerful lows. Up to 20 hours of audio playback on a single charge with Active Noise Cancellation or Ambient Sound Mode enabled.

As you can see, there are all prices, but the noise canceling headphones they are making their way, since it is not a technology that makes products more expensive in those that are lower-end.

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